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Forecasts: Perspectives on the Prospective

Volume 2, Issue 06
October 27, 2016



The Paprika! team convened a conversation with Devin Gharakhanian of SuperArchitects to discuss the emergent roles of social media entities in architecture. The following day, Studio Eisenman found itself in the instagram spotlight after appearing on the SA feed (the post has since been deleted — Eisenman remains a controversial figure).


Elaine Scarry gave an eloquent lecture on beauty, breath, shimmering mouse movements and nuclear annihilation to kick off the J. Erwin Miller Symposium, “Aesthetic Activism.”

Dean Berke sighting at GPSCY at 11:34PM. Everyone lost their $#!T. If you were not there to see it we are sorry.


Dean Berke announced in a school-wide email a move towards STEM status for international students. OTG cannot overstate how important this is to the international community at the YSOA in allowing international students a path towards productive employment in the US.

On the first evening of the symposium, Jacques Ranciere took a nihilistic tone in his discussion with Mark Foster Gage: “You are expecting something… but there is nothing.” Students at YSoA, steeped in futility, collectively smirked.

“The Office”-themed 6 on 7 was cancelled with the budget moving to Halloween GET HYPED.

Cocktails have been on fleek. OTG surveyed reception attendees over the last two weeks and report an average rating of 7/10 for cocktails served. The same attendees rated Bobtinis a solid 5/10, not adjusted for nostalgia.


YSOA’s very own Lucas Boyd appeared at TedxYale: Mind the Gap, delivering a talk on issues surrounding affordable housing. Visit http://tedxyale.com/2016 for more information.


Leland Maschmeyer of Chobani (Or Chiobani, if you read the posters) spoke to students in Peggy Deamer’s seminar, convincing them that design and yogurt are two essential ingredients of wellness.

10/19 – 10/21

Outlines hosted a series of study breaks (parties) over 3 days. There was debate watching co-hosted with EiD, dance aerobics in the drawing studio, and a Hell Week themed 6 on 7 that featured non-gender binary pink cowboy hats, tiaras, rainbow Absolut and dirty, dirty music.

Classy Affairs


Juniors are going on a site visit to New Canaan. In other news, they had “silent” reviews Monday and Wednesday. Ask them about their projects; they haven’t been able to talk about themselves in two weeks.

Turner Brooks took the seniors on an adventure through abandoned factories to find their new site, narrowly escaping a federal trespassing charge.

First Year

First Years are bringing back #ysoaptfo, with Studio Joyce making a strong showing. Special mention goes to the 6th floor men’s bathroom stall door, who couldn’t keep it together during midterms.

Second Year

Second Years maintained to the very end that they are wiser than last year, and that they would not be staying up all night in preparation for reviews. They were, of course, wrong. Critic Peggy Deamer was alone in her aggressive enforcement of the pencil’s down policy, reportedly taking her students out for drinks at midnight so they would be too drunk to return to work.

Third Year

Slow grind to midterms on Thursday/Friday. No pressure, but we’ll be watching.


This week on the internet, OTG found a book list curated by DB herself on designersandbooks.com. You are what you read #belikeDB. Check out her recommendations on poetry, politics, literature and even an ode to the color blue.

If you like being nostalgic about an era you’ve never lived through, keep an eye out for Yalie/ Harvard transplant Eve Blau’s piece on YSoA pedagogy in the 1960’s in the upcoming Log 38.

For those of you who miss the Bobisms, the observer published an interview earlier this week accompanying Bob’s thoughts on New York’s WTC Oculus with a fabulous rock-throwing watercolor. Notable Quotable:

Q: Have any young architects made an impact on you?

RAMS: Well, I’d like to think I made an impact on younger architects.


AACC is hosting the annual night market on Friday, October 28th inside the Asian American Cultural Centre. OTG encourages everyone to go and experience the great variety of Asian foods that different student organizations will bring to the event.

New Haven restaurant week kicks off this October 30th. Treat your Tinder date to classy 3-course meals on the cheap at establishments such as Union League, Roía and Atelier Florian.

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Volume 2, Issue 06
October 27, 2016