Before We Go



Volume 8, Issue 06
April 21, 2023


In September, 9 months seemed an impossible amount of time. It had the ring of something generous and warm, stretching out before me in a mile of untamed potential.

The farewell of month 9 did not loom large. As we reach May, it embraces us from behind, expected and unexpected, patient and inevitable.

The best part of a farewell is the opportunity for closing remarks. To summarize, to reflect, to commiserate, to commemorate. To say what was previously unsaid.

The List
Anonymously submitted by YSoA students

If I hear one more British accent, I’ll scream.

Not a secret that I’m going to miss you all.

I’m afraid I haven’t processed anything.

I stole a handful of diamonds once.

I think Sunil is really hot.

Fuck the critics! Do work you love.

There is no “Ctrl + Z” in life…

Who is the tape thief?

I know who did it.

Wear more jewelry, then put on more on.

Everything was OK until Tuesday.

It was GREAT.

aA. That is all.

I had feelings that were not mutual in the building.

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Volume 8, Issue 06
April 21, 2023

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