On the Ground


Volume 6, Issue 06
November 12, 2020

Thursday, October 29th // After 5 days of consistent cloud cover, the second year studio finally gets an extension on the dreaded daylighting model.

Friday, October 30th // Eeva-Liisa invites students to an East Rock hike. In true spacetime form, they return in 2030 as the new Bauhaus.

Saturday, October 31st // Some students determine that Halloween is an “essential” service.

Sunday, November 1st // Email Phil Bernstein sent out on October 23rd actually has text between the scattered sentences, the words were just white. Is this the transparency students have been asking for?

Monday, November 2nd // Thanksgiving travel policy announced. Debate ensues: one day of not cooking or two weeks of studio access?

Tuesday, November 3rd // Tanial and Eeva-Liisa host “Decompression Space.” Should we bring housewarming gifts? A bottle of wine?

Wednesday, November 4th // Second years get a few hours of access to the 7th floor terrace. Remember when we didn’t have to text Richard to go outside?

Thursday, November 5th // An email finds us safe and well.

Friday, November 6th // New health and safety guidelines announced as Connecticut reverts to Phase 2. Yale is on Code Orange.

Saturday, November 7th // “It’s Biden, baby!”

Sunday, November 8th // Four. Seasons. Total. Landscaping.

Monday, November 9th // Richard DeFlumeri invites second and third years to visit the 2020 BP house. See you soon, Adam Hopfner.

Tuesday. November 10th // Students celebrate the long-awaited promotion of Tanial Lowe to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

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Volume 6, Issue 06
November 12, 2020

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