Drawing |Myself| a Puppet


Draw Me A _____

Volume 7, Issue 04
November 22, 2021

Drawing |Myself| a Puppet

Fabricating myself a puppet as a friend to introduce me to a ghost: A ghost who is not from this world, but who is around my house, coming in and out while I am just confined in the house, not even able to realize its trembling existence for most of the time. For the release, I— as all of us do— need guidance from a puppet to open the door for me to meet that ghost around: I am home, but I am here—in the syntax we meet.

If puppets are opening the doors for us to meet ghosts, unearthly aliens and unfamiliar strangers, puppets are:

  • Planes, passports, space-travel, language, wheels, trains, headsets, screens, frames & food …

If ghosts are invisible without the puppets, yet at the same time having the authority to be, ghosts are:

  • Death, injustice, invisibility, hunger, miscommunication, exclusion, state of unnoticed, state of unreachable, war …

If puppet is the trigger (v) to open the door, the door is the bitter and sweet Unpredictable.

  • Then, puppet is an action between durability and fragility.

‘’A completely and precisely stated’’ puppet would be able to act without its master’s authority.

The Deal to build a puppet:

  • Durable to visibility and invisibility, to shame and displeasure, to collectives, to a relaxed Sunday coffee…
  • Fragile to delicious meals, to music, to friday nights, to glass of wine, to massive concerts, beds, cars, bars, dance, games, chaotic matches…

With a Puppet fragile to consumption, durable to excess joy,
A DELICIOUS CAKE IS my Unpredictable Dialogue with a ghost.

Cut the cake as it has no center.

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Volume 7, Issue 04
November 22, 2021

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