Weekly Check-in Survey Results

Dispatch 03

Volume 6, Issue 00
April 30, 2021


What kept you going through those rough times?

Zoom catch-ups with my friends
In-person interaction
Pleasure reading. Coffee. Connecting with friends back home.
My section and I managed to get pretty close last semester despite social constraints- they’re like a second family now
Taking lots of breaks
taking a walk in the sunshine
Remembering that these moments of struggle are temporary.
making a good meal
Can’t stop won’t stop

Where were you during Inauguration?

In my parent’s kitchen
Making a Trump Pinata with some YSOA friends- which we then happily destroyed.
On a hike
New Haven
On Zoom
in my apartment on yet another zoom meeting…
In my living room, watching it on the big screen :-)
Where else?
In my dorm
My apartment
In bed watching it
pre-inauguration: waiting outside in the snow from 6-8am for free COVID testing in Brooklyn. mid-inauguration: CNN’s coverage of the inauguration for the rest of the day
havent left my apartment since march D:
alone in my one-bedroom apartment, crying happy tears all day
Couch quarantine


Would you mind sharing with us what kept you going during stressful times this week?

cooking a good dinner
The sun
Elective selection is also stressful. So many emails to send! So many classes to shop!
Fun teammates
Breathing, meditating, yoga, exercising, talking to friends and family.
Stress shopping
Seeing peers at studio
Talking to people and seeing them in person!
my friends :)
The thought of the weekend
Returning to Rudolph for the first time since break and feeling like our class is getting closer + more comfortable as a group. Such an encouraging start to the semester.
My partner constantly checking in with me and asking me to talk about my stress

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

my favorite podcast had a really good episode
get my favorite course
joined a gym!
shared space with some caring colleagues
Finishing my initial ‘quarantine’ and getting back into the studio in person.
Tuesday movie night was a nice break (thank you TFs)
Group work that went off surprisingly well over zoom!
Got to meet people who were remote last semester! :)
the super bowl is tomorrow :)
Met some new people! Bonded with teammates, got to work on something with people who all really invested in their work and had a great time doing it :)
Went over to a friend’s place for Braque Cheesecake!
Snowy days :-)
Feeling supported all week and then when I was feeling better, they recognized that I was and commented on that. It felt kind of like, “bad times are over”
getting into a seminar outside the school
Meeting my deadlines
My daughter is 18 months old today!!!
My first thick snow
Flowers from my wife
6 on 7


Something new that I learnt from my peers?

Washroom and bathroom are the same thing
The WireCut command on Rhino
Edibles are great
How to make a section in Rhino :-)
how to accept anxiety without redirecting it back out into the world~
Love of life
Everyone struggles
There’s free grad student parking on Howe St apparently
Who will be starring in the Mr. and Mrs Smith TV series

Something to rant? (fine if you don’t have any :D)

everything I say feels not relevant after saying it. that awkward pause proves it.
Too much work :,O
Expectations for studio are kind of unclear…What’s the level of effort we should be putting into an introductory “exercise” that has a “review”?
Thousands of years of human progress and Serlio is the best we can do?
I had a ton of internet trouble this week and it made me realize just how fundamental good wifi is to online school… I feel a new sense of horror about the amount of households struggling to provide a fast and stable connection!!
I already did, to my critic

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

Spending time with people !
zoom catch-up with previous studio professor after an year, it reminded me of pre-covid studio.
Paprika! release on Thursday!
Meeting the editors of Dispatch 03 <3
Board games with friends
Having a small group meal with friends
Our appointed counselor is such a good resource and everyone should aim and see her.
i feel more hopeful abt studio
Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat supcakes
Bar Pizza
Chinese New Year Kindness
submitted a competition!


What comforting food do you eat when you feel stressed out this week?

hot chettos
Anything that allows me to forget about Adam Hopfner and Tratties Davies
banana bread
Nutty Buddy bars
Ice cream
Chicken and rice
Garlic naan
cooooooooooookies. stroop waffles
pims rasberry cookies
Arethusa Strawberry ice cream - the whole pint

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

Speaking to compassionate professors
It ended.
Meeting with 2nd year people !!!
My BP group finally has a scheme!
Long walks in the snow
friday night unwinding with friends
The sun came out!!!!
Meeting a dear friend
Finally got a good systems review!
Thursday night’s lecture with Chris Cornelius
took a field trip to the Yale Forest
I’m just really grateful over all, every day is a blessing.
my render looks good :)
Friends in upper years giving wisdom <3
working thorugh it together
Team E!
trying out new food with new friends
wonderful home cooked meals


What’s a critical question that you thought of this week?

Not a critical question, but why am I so angry at critical theory?
Why panopticon is still relevant today…
Will I ever get a day to do just no school work?
Why the hell am i doing another project about le corbourgeoisie
How does architectural practice intentionally and unintentionally reflect our view of the world and our place within it?
How do you manage a team of people who don’t care equally?
Is anyone okay?
My self worth
Why am I here
what does our world look like in the future?
What the hell are we doing here (at YSOA specifically)
Why does the concept of the weekend not exist for architects?
What if I don’t land a job upon graduation

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

The relief of hiding self view on zoom!
Relaxing with a movie after a long week of BP, studio, and structures
Had a late night chat with a friend that made me realize I hope they’re in my life for a long time
Grateful for my relationship w/ partner
A BP submission to be proud of regardless of the results.
Making soooo many physical models
I spent time with friends.
My family is healthy
A nice, snowy hike on the slippery, ice hill!
Working with my BP team! They rock
Went to MoMa again after two years~
Got clarity about a relationship
Blossoming friendships
Structure got cancalled and I got to sleep in and spend time ~ outside~
Chilling with freidns after BP design phase
slowly but surely making friends >:^]


Something you look forward to doing in portfolio week(break)???

Riding a bike
working on my own stuffs
Sleeping, cleaning, debriefing the past few months
Being outside
avoiding doing any work on my portfolio
~spring cleaning~
take a trip, send intern application emails
Lots of Music and Time Outside
Making a portfolio!
Not working on school / spending time outdoors
New York!!!
No alarms
Actually updating my portfolio sry I’m lame

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

No theory
unsure I am moody
Good book recommendations from professors
The restaurant that I usually go to said thanks for coming there so often 😂
The sun, getting a letter from an old friend, and making new friends at YSoA :)
hearing your old professer use the words you strung together last year feels pretty good <3 and friends sending throwbacks from thetogethertimes<3
New books
the 6on7 come back!
peeling off another layer of individuality
Some cool discoveries while researching
my mom got vaccinated!
A night by a fire
Met with my friends and had a hotpot!

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

Had a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon of midterm reviews
I did a 90 minute workout at Orange Theory fitness and felt completely sore but completely amazing afterward :)
Portfolio Week
YCBA and spring break!
Everybody is healthy :-)
ngl it was a good week professionally but a shit week personally and theres no bubble :(
a few hours of good work.
social gathering!
6 on 7!
late night music session
a 12-hour-long 6on7 on the lawn
watching everybody’s midterm presentation so motivating!


What was the highlight of portfolio week

getting out of new haven
sleeping in
visiting british art museum and getting out of new haven!
being social
finishing my portfolio
the great outdoors
spending time with friends
yale forest
making friends
went biking through the city, it was such nice weather
curating an exhibition with my best friendsss
sleep/mentally taking care of myself

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

seeing an old friend
sunshine and good relationships
being with friends, travelling and parties :)
getting to know my classmates better!
fun events randomly!
the week off
Group work with cute friends!
ethans birthday
mulholland drive
dancing with our dispatch editors in my tiny studio apartment


whats a nice thing you’ve said to somebody this week?

youre on track!
you are beautiful
youre the best
great drawing!
here mr worm, let me help you across the sidewalk
you do have a face behind your mask!
that smells amazing! - regarding someone’s project
that theyre warm hearted
casual compliments are a lot harder when you never see your classmates… :(
chag same’ach
i dont have to filter myself when i talk to you
want to be my groupmate?
itll be fine

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

I got through my “2 minute” (90 minute) BP meeting without screaming at the asshole who thinks everyone else is the problem
bp teammates pulling through for the desk crit
received many love and support after something bad happened
late night walk
i watched showgirls lmao
slept in on saturday
the end of last week :)
the strengthening of friendships
i dunno im sad im sorry
finishing structures midterm ._.
a very social weekend
summer gr
time with brother
basked in the sun in a park
badminton at beinecke
badminton on the lawn!
sleeping like a normal human being


4 more weeks to end of sem, how do you feel about that?

the academic year seems like it’s been so short, but a long break from school work also feels very much needed.
too much to do. no motivation to do. inspiration flew out the window
too soon!!! summer no plans ~scary~
so pumped
very excited
ready for it to end
i havent made enough progress
hope everything goes well
not good. lost.
please hurry
leisure is collapsing under the weight of impending deadlines
still another after ahah
not enough time
felt like it just started

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

getting to appreciate the longer days (even though ive been working indooors most of the time)
has a homecooked easter brunch with a friends family, very wholesome
booked a covid vaccine
drinks with friends
sky hopinka
got the first shot of the vaccine
made a therapy appointment
finished my first job interview in life
visiting the site for the studio
this story :-)
had another visit to the farmington canal
my nephew’s easter outfit was amazing
a great creative studio wants to meet me!
signed up for covid vaccine!
self-quarantining so that my close friends can stay safe
wait I just figured out that these polls might be for yale students only?!?!?!


a moving movie you watched recently?

regrettably (?), the last movie i watched was camp rock
raya and the last dragon
no time to watch movies :(
nope. but lots of comfort shows happening i.e. schitt’s creek
i had a dream i watched a documentary about people crying from loving the book the little prince and i cried in my dream
crash landing on you
shaolin popeye
yi yi
the pianist
the prestige
us and them
uncut gems
us and them, gie, someoneswifeintheboatofsomeoneelseshsuband

What’s the best thing that happened this week for you? Remember to count your blessings :)

got some internship offers
got an internship offer
nice weather!
dinner with friends
dinner with friends <3
a meal with my bubble friends
getting a few interviews from the career fair. not so much excited by the interviews as i am excited that this carreer process is almost over :) it was a month of anxiety tbh
my class outside of ysoa is consistently the best thing to happen each week
walked home with a friend
got a new dress
saw my sisteer for the first time in over a year
meeting Handsome Dan XIX
I pulled of a task that i thought i was going to fail at
cooking instant noodle w/ my friends

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Volume 6, Issue 00
April 30, 2021

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