On the Ground

Design Education

Volume 5, Issue 11
January 9, 2020

12/13/19 Does Dean Berke’s promise of a Spring Break carpet replacement mean “Last Hurrah Merlot” instead of “Send-it Chardonnay” with our Mid-Review cheese trays?

12/15/19 Seventh floor 3rd-years who didn’t get the +1 invite to the Space-Time-Form final review attempt to throw a party with a tableful of leftover water-filled wine bottles.

12/29/19 Followers look on in suspense as @babysandler is almost trampled by a baby Rhinoceros on her Hanukkah Safari. Fortunately Santal 33 is also a Rhino repellant.

12/31/19 As 2019 comes to a close, YSoA continues to mourn the loss of @ghostofpaulrudolph, and worries about the future of @deskgarbage, @the_oj_files and @memesofysoa. Slightly less concerning is @shoes.of.ysoa whose 1,248 followers provide a glimmer of hope that
a YSoA social media account might have “legs”.

1/1/20 In a disappointing start to 2020, Atticus raises its $1 small coffee to $1.61. Students scramble for quarters, dimes and pennies, and grapple with decisions about prioritizing caffeine or clean laundry.

1/2/20 As Advanced Studio briefs roll out, the straight white men in 3rd year sweat over the choice to design a Women’s Museum or an Afro-Futurist city block.

1/3/20 After spending break mulling over surprising lottery results, 2nd-years mount a campaign to convince their classmates to consider the purpose of a straw poll.

1/5/20 Does the Spring Semester Symposium “Beyond the Visible: Space, Place and Power in Mental Health” mean that we get a soft serve ice cream machine in the 4th floor kitchen? A ball pit? Aromatherapy misters? Sleeping pods in the penthouse? Puppies?

1/6/20 Still reeling from the loss of last semester’s Halloween Party, 2nd and 3rd-year students hold their breath, hoping that the 1st years might fare better at Prom planning.

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Volume 5, Issue 11
January 9, 2020