On the Ground: Travel Week Edition

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Volume 4, Issue 12
February 21, 2019


“I took a picture with a lizard today.” –Tayyaba

“Was it a selfie?” –Orli

“No, I wish!” –Tayyaba

Continental U.S.

Photos from Anna Dyson’s studio reveal that they traveled to Seattle, Phoenix, and Boston. However, we’re not convinced that they haven’t actually just been piled into the CEA sixth floor lab for a week.


On Wednesday, Paul Florian’s old friend David Chipperfield invited the studio into his central London office for a tour, a quick sermon on the future of the profession, and a glass of wine.

We were working out this scheme (points to a model) and decided that this bit wasn’t enough to make the brickiness seem… bricky.” –David Chipperfield


“Our trip revolved around 7-11s and trains.” –Dimitris Hartonas


A group of students from Thomas Phifer’s studio hiked in Big Bend National Park, paying a visit to the southern border. There was no emergency to report.


“Whoever finds a piece of skull first gets an ice cream.” –Miguel Sanchez Enkerlin


After a heavy dinner with much political debate, Pier Vittorio Aureli swore to limit the next dinner’s conversation to punk rock and Netflix shows.

“If you do a My Bloody Valentine project, it will be a good project. If you do a Coldplay or a U2 project, it’s going to be very bad; it will be between Chipperfield or Bjarke Ingels.” –Pier Vittorio Aureli

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Volume 4, Issue 12
February 21, 2019