On The Ground, 9/15


Volume 2, Issue 02
September 15, 2016

On the Ground is BACK!

On The Ground is compiled from tips and suggestions received by the editorial staff. Submit at https://www.suggestionox.com/r/paprika

Shopping week: students at YSoA sent hundreds of ingratiating emails to faculty seeking to beat the Jacobson Algorithm and land highly coveted spots in elective courses.

Students in the Williams/Tsien Advanced Studio enjoyed traditional Newfie dishes served in untraditional vessels.

Members of the Yale community gathered in Beinecke Plaza on Monday morning for the Yale 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony. The use of the space was of particular interest to those in the Peter Eisenman Advanced Studio, many of whom attended the ceremony.

Paprika held its first school-wide meeting of the semester. Second year students—dogmatic and headstrong—were unable to attend, and the meeting was restrained.

During a site visit to Brooklyn, second year students learned that the New York City Office of Emergency Management is in need of more conference rooms. Some students expressed concern regarding the possibility of heightened scrutiny after conducting thousands of google searches of “NYC firewalls,” “emergency response protocols,” etc.

See Lucas Boyd and Chad Greenlee’s award-winning and border-breaking project, “Pop-Up Places of Worship,” here.

A provocative piece, “Up Close: Architecture A Difficult Path for Women,” appeared in the Yale Daily News. See here.

The YSoA Christian Fellowship met Tuesday on the 7th floor terrace to introduce folks from a mix of programs, years, interests, and faith backgrounds to one another over lunch. In addition to encouraging and getting to know each other in a different context, each upcoming meeting will focus on the variety of ways that being a Christian can inform and be informed by critical architectural practice. All are welcome.

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Volume 2, Issue 02
September 15, 2016

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