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Borders As Practice

Volume 3, Issue 17
April 5, 2018


The “F*ck That” issue website was trending throughout the school, being instagram storied at least a dozen times. James Coleman certainly put together a hAUNTED playlist. So sp00ky.

As part of the Brown Bag Lunch series, William B. and Charlotte Shepherd Davenport Visiting professor Alan Ricks of MASS Design Group talked with students on the logistics of his non-profit firm. Step 1, Raise two million dollars …

Luis Callejas delivered the Timothy Egan Lenahan Memorial Lecture, “The Nature of Image” followed with an aguardiente based cocktail for reception. We must cultivate our gardens.

Aaryoun Lee is selling her mayline for $50. Can’t have enough of those.


In the wee hours, concerned YSoA citizen Deirdre Plaus spotted a tiny mouse scurrying on the 6th floor bridge. She was immediately transported to the 3rd grade as she played “the ground is lava” for the rest of the night.

Ann Sussman talked about emerging insights from neuroscience as part of the BE^2 lunch talk. Look out for eye-tracking software on Paprika!’s new website.

Jorge Otero-Pailos delivered a talk on “The Ethics of Dust” as part of the Yale Contemporary Architectural Discourse Colloquium. It turns out it’s NOT all dead skin.

“James Wines (SITE) does Shake Shacks now… not so interesting anymore” – Bob Stern.

We were out on the 7th floor roof for the first time this year with the SoM-SoA mixer. Cold, but we were outside at least.

“Are you going to find a sugar daddy tonight?” – Laelia Vaulot (to an undisclosed person)

Rhea Schmid defaced Justin Lai’s yellow trace. “You have nice hair.”


A dozen first years headed on a Saturday field trip to Ansonia to learn about solar panel use.


Intramural Architecture debated and discussed A House For Essex and Abbey for the Production of Mustard, Pickles and Pickled Vegetables in this week’s conversation. The Abbey won in double overtime.


It snowed.

Joel Sanders hosted a pre-conference Brown Bag Lunch for his Non-Compliant Bodies Symposium to initiate conversation on equality prior to the actual conference. Turns out, Rudolph 322 is not ADA accessible.

Dimitri Brand (a.k.a PizzaBoi Carti) is the cheesy hero YSoA needs but doesn’t deserve. Brought to you by Wall Street Pizza.


Alexander Garvin along with guest speakers talked real estate and urban planning in “Creating a Sense of Community in Mixed-Use Development.” In related community planning news, in 1970 Yale disbanded its Department of City Planning in response to the department’s decision to admit a class with 50% students of color. Luckily a radical planning tradition has continued at Yale regardless!

As part of the Yale Environmental Humanities Initiative’s spring lecture series on Landscape and Memory, Caitlin DeSilvey presented “Curated Decay: Inevitable Loss and Other Opportunities.”

YSoA Career Development presented a panel discussion “Perspectives on Practice: Technology and Innovation” with Anna Dyson and Ellie Cunningham.

“I was only lieutenant jr. at the time…. I had power” – Kyoung Sun Moon

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Volume 3, Issue 17
April 5, 2018

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