Anarchitecture Survey


Volume 4, Issue 02
September 20, 2018

In five words or fewer describe your biggest grievance against today’s architectural practice or pedagogy:

Teaching a certain “style”

Forced labor denies any thought

Not acknowledging other cultures/legacies of architecture

“Progressive” program justifies bad architecture

Tired tradition of over work

Lack of U.S. policy discourse

Too much meaningless talking


Narcissism of the profession

Working for free


We aren’t paid enough

Formal ideas

Cult of images; theory abandoned

Empathic interactions discouraged

Pointless busywork

You have to “know a guy”

Oversaturated Egos


Pseudointellectualism of convoluted jargon

Pointless productivity without knowledge

Please train our courage


Hard work and no pay

Imprecise goals and metrics

Prima donnas/eager beavers

Talk the talk but not walk the walk

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Volume 4, Issue 02
September 20, 2018

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