On The Ground

An Image for the Present

Volume 4, Issue 07
November 8, 2018


Mary McLeod presents “‘Whom to Thank for This Joy’: Women and Two Early Histories of Modern Architecture” as part of the first event for the exhibition “A Seat at the Table.”


The Brown Bag Lunch series continues with Christopher Ridgway giving a talk titled “Castle Howard: Safeguarding the Past, Managing the Future.”

Kassandra Leiva was “mugg-ed”(at least her desk was).

William B. & Charlotte Shepherd Davenport Visiting Professor Julie Snow, delivers the lecture, “Invisible Site.”


Ashley Dawson speaks on urban futures covering two case studies based in NYC and Miami for the GAIA + EID organised Brown Bag Lunch.

A visitor walks into Tony Vidler’s class and mistakes David Schaengold for Tony, addressing him as “Professor Vidler.”

Second years begin their daylight models, first years continue to purchase Natural Light.


Kay Yang’s bullet serve puts a birdie through Baolin Shen’s badminton racket.

Badminton straggler matches were coin tossed. Get those games in.

“I haven’t seen Andrew Kim for two days, that’s so many meals we haven’t had together… ” – Christine Pan


Much to the dismay of Adam Feldman, Limy Rocha did not understand his “Nyan Cat” reference.


Third year students endure two pro-prac classes. Feel Phil the Bern.

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Volume 4, Issue 07
November 8, 2018