Off The Trays

A field: to seed, or not to seed

Volume 6, Issue 03
October 7, 2020

A one-time-only takeover of the Paprika carpets by Gund Hall residents.

Friday, August 28: The diligent editor of this issue relocates from Cambridge, Massachusetts to the coast of Maine. GSD goes virtual! No more buttmates :(

Monday, September 14: Rafael Moneo in conversation with Sarah Whiting advises students to travel and experience architecture. It is ironic that this comment was made on Zoom to a conglomerate of virtual heads that no longer have “travel week.”

Sunday, September 20: This issue starts to take shape in the field of Mountainy Pond, Maine, where a years-old rivalry between Harvard and Yale starts to get bridged by architecture students. A low-hanging hat of the Yale Class of 1928 witnessed everything.

Saturday, September 26: Womxn in Design biked on a chilly morning, visiting Moakley Park, the L Street Power Plant, Langone Park, and Pier 4 to share thoughts on resiliency and sustainability.

Monday, September 28: Kathlyn Kao commits to take care of a Cambridge tree through Adopt-A-Tree Cambridge Department of Public Works.

Tuesday, September 29: @form_follows_memes reminds Aemulatio Option Studio they are using their kitchen tops as cutting boards.

Monday, October 5: @shoes.of.gsd is still falling behind @shoes.of.ysoa. 572 v. 1,492 followers.

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Volume 6, Issue 03
October 7, 2020

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