Capturing Reflections


10 • Reflections

Volume 10, Issue 02
April 8, 2024

Through filming, drawing and modeling the reflections of the concrete facade of the Becton building onto the glass facade of the Tsai Center of Innovation building, I try to give physicality to the unique juxtaposition of the two buildings.

The process of capturing the reflections involved filming with a smooth and consistent movement, then translating the footage into a drawn catalog format, depicting the distorted Becton facade as it appears on the curved glass surface.

By drawing the non physical distortion, I’m trying to capture the way architecture can be reinterpreted by its surroundings, to catch evolving dynamics of space, and to develop a methodology that views reflections as potential catalysts for architectural configurations.

In addition to capturing the unique mesmerizing optical effects of reflections and geometry on this site, the project deals more broadly and conceptually with reflection as a tool for design and imagination.

Watch the film here.

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