The Five Points of Paprika



March 30, 2017

Issue Editors: ZACHARIAH MICHIELLI (PhD ’21), PATRICK DOTY (MArch I ’18), PATRICK KONDZIOLA (MArch II ’17)   Design: Christine Zavesky (MFA ’18)

1)  Architects do not want to be arbitrary, which motivates them to seek out coherent design methodologies and intelligible inspiration.

2)  We are experiencing  a paradigm shift inspired by an overabundance of methodologies and alibis, the results of a poorly moderated digital reformation, expansion of the discipline, and disunity amidst a lack of authority.

3)  A generation of prominent masters and their methods of design are becoming supplanted.

4)  Overloaded schedules, the drive for novelty and expressive forms, and the speed with which we view architecture in the digital age have helped steer us into pursuing certain methodologies over others.

5) In practice, has our corpus of methodological approaches become too narrow despite, conceptually, being nearly infinite? What modes are expiring and which will expire in the future?