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What Are You Doing?

December 17, 2015

MAGGIE TSANG (M.Arch ‘17) and TESS MCNAMARA (M.E.M. ’18, M.Arch ’18)
Good morning YSOA! Tess and Maggie here – your new Coordinating Editors. Last week, in her first address to the school, Dean Designate Deborah Berke said ‘Yale is rightly known for its pluralism—as a place where new ideas are allowed to challenge existing orthodoxies, and lessons from the past might be given renewed relevance in a changing world.’ For us, Paprika! manifests this pluralism and demonstrates that this exchange of ideas is not limited to our engagement with faculty, but more importantly takes place between us—the students. Paprika! is a democratic forum, and as such, we want to ensure that it is a home for both experimentation and inclusion. We believe that ardent debate and open-mindedness can coexist, and that diversity can be our biggest asset. Since its inception, Paprika! has nourished our thoughts on architecture and sparked discussions within our community. But it is our belief that education is not about navel gazing. We hope to continue the publication’s value within the school while extending its relevance to a larger audience, engaging in university-wide issues, and connecting with more students outside of our fabulous concrete bunker. Thank you to Nicolas and Andy for (literally) passing the baton and for amplifying YSOA’s student voices. We promise to keep it up, and we look forward to working with all of you!