ARTISTS TALK : Antonia Kuo



October 6, 2016

(Painting and Printmaking ‘18)

The paintings change a lot—the colors, the tones. Sometimes I think I know, but I rarely actually know [how the final image will turn out]. It’s always kind of a surprise. Even during the process there are a lot of things that happen where I can’t hold onto something or I’ll lose an image by the end of it. I enjoy the process of making them and am less invested in them as finished objects. And the fact that they’re unstable too, it’s not like there is a fixed end product. I am not interested in reproducing them. I like them as unique objects. I’ve played with different ways of showing them, mounting them on various substrates, I welded frames for some. I’ve tried lots of things and am still experimenting.

I’ve gotten the best feedback from the most unexpected places. I don’t know what it is, but having an open mind in these kinds of discussions is important because you never know… That’s been my experience so far.