Suburban Houses


Halloween II

October 25, 2018

Michael Myer’s House



d:   John Carpenter

A lot of horror films in the past were set in a haunted house or some dark environment to begin with, so that you’re immediately alerted to the fact that, oh this is going to be scary.


Laura Palmers’s House

Twin Peaks


d:   David Lynch

Well, the harder thing to do then is to take a horror movie and put it into a suburban atmosphere, with a nice little row of houses and beautiful manicured lawns and some place that you can assume is very safe. Because if horror can get there, it can get anywhere . . .


Nancy Thompson’s House

A Nightmare on Elm Street


d:   Wes Craven

Suburbia is supposed to be safe. Your house is supposed to be a sanctuary. Nowadays, maybe because of conditions beyond our control, there is no sanctuary. (John Carpenter, as quoted in Bernice M. Murphy, The Suburban Gothic in American Popular Culture (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), 143.)