Editor’s Note

SAMANTHA JAFF (M.Arch ’16) and TIM ALTENHOF (Ph.D. ’17) The term is certainly not unfamiliar. Though some of us may first recall Yoda and the Jedi Order, the mandatory bow to the masters before beginning a martial arts practice, or a prestigious golf tournament that concluded in Georgia last Sunday, […]

Interview with Robert A.M. Stern

On Monday, March 28, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the editors of Paprika! XXIV sat down with Dean Stern for an interview. Prior to this meeting, the editors had sent out an open call to the students of the School of Architecture, soliciting one hundred questions. They received forty. […]

Opinions on the Master Class

The 2016 Spring term at the Yale School of Architecture is special as it convenes for the very first time four internationally acclaimed professors (Wolf D. Prix, Greg Lynn, Zaha Hadid, and Patrik Schumacher) who all ran, and in one case still runs, their individual master classes at the Angewandte […]

B.A. in Architecture: Why Bother?

KATIE COLFORD (B.A. Architecture ’16) The undergraduates hold a unique position in Rudolph Hall: they are the only group to keep a single desk location over the course of their three years in the building. They make quite a mess in their burrow on 7, with an exuberant disarray of […]

Punk Master Aureli

DANTE FURIOSO (M.Arch ’16) At Yale, each residential college has a ‘master’ with a clearly marked Master’s House holding publicized Master’s Teas: a special location and event hosted by the pater familias of each oxbridge-style dorm. Hierarchy, paternal control, and an era of widespread human bondage are latent in the […]

Apprenticed Masters

JEONGYOON SONG (M.Arch ‘18) The story of a young man’s hot summer days in Italy trying to ‘see the unsee-able’ is one we have all heard before. Yet despite our familiarity with the narrative of Peter Eisenman and Colin Rowe, the story still seems distant somehow. Their relationship is rarely […]

Jack of all trades, Master of Architecture

SHAYARI DE SILVA (M.Arch ‘16) I didn’t sign up for grad school to become a master. In fact, at the time I applied, a master’s degree in architecture seemed to me like the surest path to a continued jack of all trades tertiary education following a liberal arts undergraduate degree. […]

Hallowed Halls

JUAN PABLO PONCE DE LEON (B.A. Architecture ‘16) In an issue titled ‘Masters,’ it would be remiss not to address the controversy facing the same term in our greater academic environment and its relation to the architectural profession. Our Yale is a heterotopia, a place inseparable from its idea. As a […]

Maps as Mastery

DIMITRI BRAND (M.Arch ‘18) Sandy Island, located in the Coral Sea east of Australia, was once approximately the size of Manhattan. Originally ‘discovered’ by a whaling captain,1 the island appeared on maps for over one hundred and thirty years until it was ‘undiscovered’ in 2012 by Australian Research Vessel, Southern Surveyor. […]

A Conversation in Honor of… Whose Zaha Hadid?

AZZA ABOU ALAM (M. Arch ‘18) and MISHA SEMENOV (M. Arch & M.E.M ‘19) After waiting for up to an hour in line to attend last Thursday’s ‘Conversation in Honor of Zaha Hadid,’ students left Hastings Hall with mixed feelings. Some had heated conversations at the reception, attempting to decipher what […]


Contributors: LUKE ANDERSON (M.Arch ’16), ELAINA BERKOWITZ (MArch ‘17), MICHELLE GONZALEZ (MArch ‘16), NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ‘16), BENJI RUBENSTEIN (M.Arch ‘15), MAGGIE TSANG (M.Arch ‘16), EDWARD WANG (BA ‘16)   4/7: Students react strongly after the Open House lecture, titled “In honor of Zaha Hadid, A Conversation with Frank Gehry, Peter Eisenman […]