Letter from the Editors

DIMITRI BRAND (M. Arch ’18), JAMES COLEMAN (M. Arch ’18) and JONATHAN MOLLOY (M. Arch’18)   The title of our fold, (De)Natured is a reference to Vincent Scully’s contribution to the publication Denatured Vision following the 1988 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art which opens “The way human beings see […]

Health and Wellness

MADELYNN RINGO (M. Arch ’16) and SAMANTHA JAFF (M. Arch ’16) While you may not care that you have just inhaled a lifetime’s worth of carcinogenic molecules by thrusting open the laser cutter hatch immediately after your job has finished, I do– especially when I’m the innocent bystander huddled in […]

Curriculum Advisory Committee

NICOLAS KEMPER (M. Arch ’16), LARKIN MCCANN (M. Arch ’18), FRANCESCA CARNEY (M.Arch ’17), & ISAAC SOUTHARD (M.Arch ’16) In Latin, curriculum originally meant a race, or the course of a race, which we suppose would make the students the racers, would make our faculty and the administration the referees, […]

Landscape Flâneur

PEARL HO (M. Arch ’16) Our boots sank into the muddy grass grazed by mother sheep and their lambs as we navigated the man made grounds at Castle Howard. We encountered endless fields along the graveled path and out would emerge a pyramid in the distance: turn a corner, and […]

Eagerness and Cynicism in Bridgeport

ETHAN FISCHER (MArch ’17) This semester, students in the second year urban studio have confronted the task of mediating the imaginary and the sensible, a task that necessitates inquisition regarding the role of architecture in making cities. The application of ecological thinking into our examinations of Bridgeport empowers us to think […]

The Diorama: Memory, Nature, Conservation

GREGORY CARTELLI (MED ’17) Memory Dioramas were created to serve as metonyms to the natural world, recursive replications of physical places, plants, and animals. Originally meant to be used pedagogically, to inform the public of the types of biological life that existed in locations both foreign and familiar, the diorama […]

Interview With Alan Organschi

JONATHAN MOLLOY (MArch ’18): Questions ALAN ORGANSCHI: Responses What is natural? Everything or nothing…which is to say that a philosophical construct that positions the relatively recent development of human culture in counterpoint to some unquantifiable terrestrial condition that predates it is dangerously obsolete. The concept of the “natural” may have served […]

2016 – Stocktaking

  TESS MCNAMARA (M.Arch I & M.E.M ‘18)   In 1960, Reyner Banham assessed the state of architecture. Titled “1960—Stocktaking,” first published in the Architectural Review, Banham presents a discipline divided into two narratives: tradition and technology. Two trains, on different tracks and moving swiftly in opposite directions, Banham’s traditionalists […]

On The Ground

Contributors: Caitlin Baiada (MArch ‘18), Elaina Berkowitz (MArch ‘17), Matthew Bohne (MArch ‘17), Kirk Henderson (MArch & S.O.M ‘16), John Holden (MArch ‘18), Kevin Huang (MArch ‘18), Daniel Marty (MArch ‘17), Edward Wang (BA ‘16) 3/08:The 6th floor became a veritable Serengeti as the M.Arch I class of 2018 wrangled […]

The Case for Architectural Suicide

DIMA SROUJI (M.Arch ’16) In the deep Turkish countryside two shepherds sat on the edge of a cliff sipping on coffee and eating their breakfast as their herd was left to graze. In a blurry minute, one sheep was seen to run and jump off the cliff to its death. The shepherds […]