DAPHNE AGOSIN (MED, ’17) PREETI TALWAI (MED, ’16) JOHN WAN (M. Arch I, ’16) “Historical Projections” is an issue driven by a curiosity about how students at YSOA have interpreted, appropriated, or viewed the multiplicity of discourses on design – amongst themselves, with faculty, and across campus. The issue focuses […]

Glass Bricks

. . .It is a current of continuous thought whose continuity is not at all artificial, for it retains from the past only what still lives or is capable of living in the consciousness of the groups keeping the memory alive. Maurice Halbwachs, La Mémoire Collective (1950) In contrast to […]

Thank You

We would like to thank the faculty and administration for expanding the enrollment of the seminar Rome: Continuity and Change. We are grateful to those who invested the time and energy to change the program, and we are especially thankful to the most recent donor who made this significant expansion […]

Naked in Alaska

DORIAN BOOTH (M. Arch I, ’16) & NICOLAS KEMPER (M. Arch I, ’16) “Unless you are naked in Alaska, you are in the designed space” said Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), “Every single act is framed by a designed artifact.” The zeitgeist — and the tech and […]

Wasted Labor or Resource Building?

ALICIA POZNIAK (M. Arch II, ’16) Earlier this semester beginning my third and final advanced studio, a sense of déjà-vu pervaded those first weeks of late night work sessions. Yet again, I found myself in the laborious process of digitally re-drawing precedents. As this Fold attests, historical precedent study is […]

Emulation & Invention in Yale’s Residential Colleges

GIDEON SHAPIRO, Post-Doctoral Associate, Digital Humanities Lab Yale’s campus architecture oozes history, but it is a history whose foundations are borrowed and invented. The university long ago discovered that picturing the past could serve as a strategy for shaping its future. As Dean Robert A.M. Stern writes in his 2010 […]

Architecture Club

ANTHONY GAGLIARDI (M. Arch I, ’16) Tuesday February 15th marked the inaugural meeting date of the YSOA Architecture Club, a student group that visits buildings, views drawings, and discusses projects. Architecture Club is a platform to encourage critical discussion of architecture between students.  It consciously limits its focus on the […]

New England Architecture in Pedagogy

PATRICK KONDZIOLA (M. Arch II ’17) How do we approach and understand the vernacular architecture that is around us? For the most part I am speaking of what Vincent Scully coined the “Shingle Style.” When I arrived at Yale, this was a question I wanted to answer, as I had […]

Book Review: LISTENING by Bohlin, Cywinski Jackson

by KEVIN HUANG (M. Arch. I ’18) The Pennsylvania-based firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ), in its fifty years of practice, has established a diverse portfolio of large-scale buildings. Their works spans cultural, commercial, civic, academic and corporate buildings — most notably the many Apple stores scattered worldwide from Pudong to […]

Pride and Precedence Survey

“Pride and Precedence” reaches out to studios that seem to defy modern interpretations of the Classic, to investigate how and why they incorporate architectural heritage. This graphic survey purposefully omits critiquing the validity of the particular precedents, but rather focuses on students’ interpretation of history in their methods and products […]

Neo-Gothic Wonderlands: Undergraduate Responses

Coordinator: EDWARD WANG (B.A. Arch ’16) Contributors: AMRA SARIC (Trumbull College, ‘17), KATHERINE WYATT (Davenport College, ‘17), SHEAU YUN LIM (Ezra Stiles College, ’18), OLIVER PRESTON (Jonathan Edwards College, ‘16), CAROLINE SYDNEY (Silliman College, ’16) Paprika! asked those who know the residential colleges best, undergraduates, to share their thoughts on living […]

Is Appropriation Appropriate?

NICK MCCLURE (MEM ’16) When my housemate, a third year M.Arch I student, told me that historical appropriation was a major theme woven throughout his studies at the Yale School of Architecture, I was taken aback. As a student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, I am […]

On The Ground

Edited by ELAINA BERKOWITZ (MArch I ‘17) & EDWARD WANG (BA ‘16) Rumor has it the YSoA student elections are a sham. The seven committees, to which 13 members of the student body are elected yearly, hold no governing power and are not called to meet by the administration. If you […]