CAITLIN THISSEN (MArch I, ’16) DANIEL MARCUS GLICK-UNTERMAN (MArch I, ’17) ETHAN JUDD FISCHER (MArch I, ’17) met·rics /ˈmetriks/ noun, provocation methods of assessing individual, collective, or institutional success and failure. hardline framing devices intended to mingle hard and social sciences in verification of architectural design work. imminent ethical frameworks, value systems, […]


ETHAN JUDD FISCHER (MArch I, ‘17) As recently as 2008, YSOA students held an annual ritual: the burning of Rudolph Hall in effigy. First hand recollections are inconsistent, but it is certain that the custom initially marked the anniversary of the building’s 1969 fire and was held in June. Over time, […]

Health and Wellness: POSTURE CHECK

SAMANTHA JAFF (MArch I, ‘16), MADELYNN RINGO (MArch I, ‘16), and ALICIA POZNIAK (MArch II, ’16) On an average day, most students at YSOA sit for eight to ten hours. That’s almost three full days every week, 11 full days every month, and 130 full days/year of sitting. With such sedentary lifestyles, it […]

Our Architectural Journal

NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch I, ’16)   Seeing the two most recent issues on the shelves of the AA bookstore in London last week reminded me that Perspecta – the Yale Architectural Journal – is a publication with global reach which can call upon almost anyone in the architecture world to step […]


JONATHAN MOLLOY (MArch I, ‘18) “I think segregation is the predominant feature of spatial organization in the American landscape, and I also think it has a profound effect on democracy,” bellowed J. Phillip Thompson in the 4th floor pit, loosening a few dull rocks in Rudolph’s corduroy walls. At first Equality […]

Thin Things or Possibly A Building

MATTHEW BOHNE (MArch II, ‘17) “What am I looking at?” “What you are looking at is Piranesi, Kahn, and a ballet dancer in a bar placed in a gilded frame. This is somewhere along the lines I imagine my midterm review to begin.” Midterms week at the YSoA conjures images […]

The Ghost in the Room

JAMES COLEMAN (MArch I, ‘18) “A construction in simple metrics has been elevated to a new category of movement – a category of higher significance.” Sergei Eisenstein, Methods of Montage The use of filmic techniques to elicit new types of temporal relationships in architectural drawing can be understood as a […]

Pleasure and Power

CAITLIN THISSEN (MArch I, ‘16) In the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, the San Francisco gay leather scene blossomed and boomed, occupying blocks of the South of Market neighborhood and the Mission District. The area developed from a light industrial, warehouse sector, hosting a population of transients including seamen, and other […]

On the Ground

Edited by EDWARD WANG (B.A. ’16) & ELAINA BERKOWITZ (M.Arch I, ’17)   ROME FOR ALL 2/19: After two articles, student forums, petitions to faculty members, and a rumored meeting with DEBORAH BERKE, a flurry of excitement interrupted Friday’s Systems Integration, when one by one, the second year students who were denied a place […]