HYEREE KWAK (M.Arch I ’18) JACK LIPSON (M.Arch I ’18)   In a school of architecture, all hours are consumed by work as we tend to eagerly fill every free time with obsessive production. Where does Play fit into this loop? Playfulness has in many ways become an aesthetic extension […]

Form Follows Fun : a conversation with Interboro

JACK LIPSON (M.ARCH I ’18) JONATHAN MOLLOY (M.ARCH I ’18) SAM ZEIF (M.ARCH I ’18) Interboro Partners is a New York City based architecture, urban design, and planning office that specializes in the design of public places. Interboro’s participatory, place-specific approach builds on what’s there and deploys simple, resourceful design […]

푸하하하! Interview with FUHAHAHA FRIENDS

SUNGWOO CHOI (M.ARCH ’17) HYEREE KWAK (M.ARCH ’18)   FHHH Friends is a 4 year-old office in South Korea founded by three architects Yoon, Han, and Han. They try to experiment and expand the scope of architecture but they only talk and not do. Their first project ‘Earth-Wall’ won honorable […]


JAMES COLEMAN (M.Arch I ’18)   A man approaches another on the sidewalk in a relatively tight shot over the second man’s shoulder. The first man asks for a light. The second man gestures to the left and as the camera pulls back it reveals that the two men have […]

Architectural Production, Well Played or Things I Say to Feel Like Less of a Sellout

LANI BARRY (M.Arch I ’19) At The Land, threadbare tire heaps, derelict refrigerators and mud puddles are tools for exploratory play. In this space, unsupervised kids turn old spring mattresses into impromptu trampolines and fire pits into self-organized, snack-time commissaries. This entropic playscape of quotidian objects is part of a […]

Space for Leisure: Space of Work

EUGENE TAN (M.Arch I ’16)   What ought we to do when at leisure? Clearly we ought not to be amusing ourselves, for then amusement would be the end of life.   —Aristotle, Politics, Book Eight, Part Three   Man has long predicted and imagined a world where technology takes […]

Editors’ Note

CHARLOTTE ALGIE (MArch ’16), SARAH  KASPER (MArch ’16), DIMA SROUJI (MArch ’16) “I once overheard the following conversation on a bus: First woman: ‘I can tell from your accent that you’re from Home.’ Second: ‘Yes, I left Home 30 years ago.’ Third: ‘I’ve never been Home but one day I hope to […]

At a Glance: Two Art Venues in Seoul

SIMON KO (MFA 2017) When looking at photos of Seoul taken shortly after the end of the Korean War (1950–1953), it is hard to imagine that the gleaming and bustling metropolis that stands today was once a completely bombed out, bleak landscape filled with scorched, dilapidated buildings. It is even […]


DIMITRI BRAND (MArch ’16) Political involvement, or at least its availability, delineates childhood from adulthood, and gives us the right to affect change. At 18 we come of age as citizens and can presumably, societal factors aside, choose our home. It is an Anabaptist as opposed to a Catholic version […]

Response to Faris

PIER VITTORIO AURELI in conversation with CHARLOTTE ALGIE (MArch ’16), SARAH KASPER (MArch ’16), DIMA SROUJI (MArch ’16), The Yamsafer office is very similar to case studies I’ve been researching myself. The only difference is, of course, the location—namely, the mobility of people is very limited in Palestine, as well […]

Our Land

JEONGYOON ISABELLE SONG (MArch’17) Home is inseparable from property. This ideology stems from my family’s relationship to our land. Our lives were shaped not only by the house that we lived in, but also the surrounding field that my grandparents cultivated. How we used the land defined and changed our family’s […]


SHAYARI DE SILVA (MArch ’16) The word “nostalgia,” which in contemporary usage denotes a longing for the past, was originally used to suggest homesickness. Two weeks ago, as I boarded the plane from Colombo with that sinking feeling I always get when it’s time to leave home, despite doing it […]


ALICIA POZNIAK (MArch ’16) Days after submitting a paper exploring the “Suburban Dreams and Realities in Sydney,” news from home revealed that the first Australian Minister for Cities and the Built Environment, Jamie Briggs, resigned after only three months in the federal cabinet over an inappropriate drunken gaffe in China […]

A Garbage Crisis

KARL KARAM (MArch ’16) A garbage crisis, a missing president, an economy that’s dwindling into chaos, social disparity and some repercussions from the current geopolitical situation: The Lebanon. Herzog & De Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, and Norman Foster all have a building currently under construction there. Some friends are […]

Sensations of Place

MICHELLE CHEN (MArch ’16) When traveling to foreign places, we may have found ourselves enamored by architecture that is not our own. We find ourselves experiencing a sensation of ‘place,’ of belonging, and even of love for a space despite the fact that we may not be from that culture, […]

Home Away From Home

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT (MArch ’16) Did you ever notice when you go to somebody else’s house, you never quite feel a hundred percent at home? You know why? No room for your stuff. Somebody else’s stuff is all over the goddamn place! A Place For My Stuff George Carlin, 1981 Arriving […]

Interview: Faris Zaher, CEO of Yamsafer

Paprika! Issue Editors: Can you introduce Yamsafer to us and describe the office space briefly? Faris Zaher: is essentially a or Expedia clone. In terms of the source market, where the travelers come from, we’re focused on the Middle East, and specifically the Gulf countries such as Saudi, Qatar, […]

On the Ground

1/20: STEVEN HARRIS tells us how not to make it—“If you build a black model, you really hate your project. It’s like a funeral for yourself.” 1/20: “Critic comes from the Greek word meaning to judge—I am here to judge you,” reminds KYLE DUGDALE, after taking the reins of the […]