01.21.2016 Food is the new now. At least that is the broadly constructed message advanced by Log’s 34th issue (Spring 2015) which investigated many facets in today’s food culture. Indeed, food culture permeates our entire existence as the culinary profession, together with architecture, stand —the only two fine arts whose medium is inescapable. Food and […]

Book Review: Steven Holl Monograph, By Robert McCarter, Published by Phaido

01.21.2016 ANDREW DADDS (M.Arch ’16) Steven Holl graduated from the University of Washington, later pursuing studies both in Rome and at the Architectural Association. Holl started his own office in 1974, one that is still thriving today, which this monograph commemorates. Author Robert McCarter, professor of architecture at Washington University […]

Health & Wellness

01.21.2016 Welcome to the Paprika! Health and Wellness Column!  As students, as architects, and even barely as citizens, we spend very little time talking about our individual and collective health. By dedicating a space in Paprika! to a topic related to wellness, we’re trying to jumpstart the conversation. We will […]

An Open Letter to Rome

01.21.2016 “Just be honest.” This is what was asked of the prospective students for the content of their three hundred word statement of intent.  The single-page application consisted of this statement, two references, and the student’s name. “Just be honest.” I would like to ask the same of this course, […]

On the Ground

AROUND TOWN or MIXED NUTS or ECHOES IN THE HALL or BUSH-YAMMERING or HEAR/SAY   We have a new 4th floor Advanced Studio receptionist! He will be signing in visitors, taking messages, and letting you in if you forget your card. Please join us in welcoming NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ‘16) […]

Paprika chats with Jennifer McTiernan

01.21.2016 To get a better sense of local food infrastructure from a consumer’s point of view Paprika sat down with Jennifer McTiernan, a food lawyer and co-founder of City Seed, to chat about her work, her thoughts on food’s relationship to space, and what she eats. Paprika! How did you become personally […]

Out of the Woods?

01.21.2016 YANBO LI (B.A. ’16) Last July I spent three nights at D Acres the New Hampshire Permaculture Farm and Agricultural Homestead. My friend and I were in the area for its rock climbing. We had been enticed to the farm by its cheap lodging and yoga room, and the inherent promises […]

Modernist Farming: Iowa Monoculture

01.21.2016 MARGARET SHULTZ (YC 2016) When I was in high school, I spent my summers working on a small organic farm just outside of Solon, Iowa: ZJ Farm, a 100-acre vegetable CSA (community supported agriculture) operation. Most of the land consists of rolling hills of tall prairie grasses, and a forested area […]

A Conversation with Samara Brock and Keller Easterling

01.21.2016 MAJEED IBRAHIM (M.E.M. 2017) and JUAN PABLO PONCE DE LEON (B.A. 2016) With the hopes of fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue, we caught up with Keller Easterling, YSOA professor, and Samara Brock, FES PhD candidate, to broadly consider the implications of food systems in cities. Paprika! In simple terms how would […]

Chum Pipies- The Musical

01.21.16 BRENDAN BASHIN-SULLIVAN (B.A. ’15) As the Naknek River winds its way into Alaska’s Bristol Bay, clouds of birds cluster on its muddy surface, as though drawn by magnets. The squawking masses are dominated by gulls, but occasionally bald eagles join the flock to feed on a slurry of salmon […]