Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

The narrative is a very precise part of our architecture at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. We work with the narrative as a process of retelling a story or a place, not as a diagram, but as one big common story that we try to tell with one voice and with […]

fala atelier, Porto, Portugal

Passion: It starts with the overriding passion for architecture, with our unhealthy determination to work. We see architecture as a way to engage with the world, always working with a genuine curiosity and sensibility, breaking up with the accepted conventions.   Youth: We are aware of being a young office. […]

Evan Bruetsch, Designer, MADE Design x Build, New York, NY

Humans have always relied on narratives to make sense of the world around them. Narratives offer us ways to imagine new realities and explain the un-explainable and thus have always been important to architecture, a field that exists mostly in a projective state. However, narratives are very seldom a simple […]

Urko Sanchez Architects, Nairobi, Kenya + Madrid, Spain

We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, and for each project, the team considers the cultural roots of the structure, and how the building will be best integrated into its environment: the view, the indigenous materials, and the flow of the surroundings. Hallmarks of Urko Sanchez projects include contemporary twists […]

Fold XVI Editor’s Note

01.14.2016 FRANCESCA CARNEY (M.Arch 1 2017) and MADDY SEMBLER (M.Arch 1 2017) Graphics by ERIK FREER Welcome back, all! This Paprika! fold is a collective effort that began early last semester. We wanted to take a critical look at the Building Project for our own personal interests, and then decided to share […]

Kickstarter Thank You

01.14.16 Last fall more than 170 supporters helped Paprika! raise $15,326 so we can pay our bills. We are listing their names here, in the order in which they pledged. Thank you for your help, now lets get to work. Ken Sternad Maya Alexander Kyle Dugdale Boris Morin-Defoy James Giammona […]

Let’s Move Out of the House: A History and Critique of the Building Project

01.14.16 MADDY SEMBLER (M.Arch I 2017) The inception of the Building Project can be attributed to the youth activism of the 1960s. Frustrated with the university’s top-down development of the city of New Haven, the students staged a walkout at the New England regional conference of the American Institute of […]

Public Project Proposals: Beyond Housing

01.14.16 JACQUELINE HALL (M.Arch I and M.E.M. ’18) What could the Building Project look like if we responded to current and pressing needs in our community? Let’s consider a series of alternate project pitches from community organizations in New Haven to imagine other possible programs and partnerships for the building […]

The Pedagogy of Making

01.14.16 ELAINA BERKOWITZ (M. Arch I ’17) Building Project is a massive undertaking — students spend the semester working towards a design for a house in New Haven, and ultimately just four weeks designing a house they hope to be chosen for realization. The summer is spent creating construction documents, […]

On Rural Studio…

01.14.16 PETER MCINISH (M. Arch II ’15) and FRANCESCA CARNEY (M.Arch I ’17) Peter McInish, a graduate from YSOA, talks with Francesca about his experience as an undergraduate in Rural Studio, the design-build program at Auburn University. Building for underserved population in West Alabama, Rural Studio is renowned for its […]

Look at me now: A Building Project Post-Occupancy Survey

01.14.16 FRANCESCA CARNEY (M. Arch I ’17) Conducted by: DAPHNE AGOSIN, FRANCESCA CARNEY, DANTE FURIOSO, CHARLES KANE, JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT, LIZZY NADAI, MADDY SEMBLER AND ANDY STERNAD “Buildings don’t help make an impact, it’s the people” BP 1993 Owner The Post-Occupancy Survey reached out to the owners of past Building Project […]

Dear First Years,

01.14.16 Accept that compromise is a necessary part of the process, save your argumentative attitude for the issues that are most important to you. For the others, it’s ok to simply take a position of indifference. ALEXANDER STAGGE Don’t work with your friends in the group phase. Work with the […]

Model City Hues: Dixwell, Yale and New Haven

01.14.16 JUAN PABLO PONCE DE LEON (B.A. ’16) Blink and you may have missed it. In October 2014, New Haven announced plans for the redevelopment of the old Coliseum site, once a sports arena and the crown jewel of the Oak Street Connector. The announcement received some local press, but […]

Deborah Berke Outlines the Yale we want

01.14.16 EQUALITY IN DESIGN In her first address to Yale School of Architecture students and faculty, Dean Designate Deborah Berke outlined an ambitious agenda of “twenty-first century pluralism,” which places inclusivity and interdisciplinarity at the fore. “Pluralism is not a question of style,” she noted, “[and] the discipline and the […]

Do you like it?

01.14.16 DANTE FURIOSO (M. Arch I ’16) The semester begins on Thursday at the Yale School of Architecture when graduate students come to trade tuition dollars and student loan debt for airfare and a few desk crits with a star architect. For the uninitiated, this is known as the Advanced […]

Book Review— Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry

01.14.16 ANDY STERNAD (M. Arch I ’16) There is nothing inevitable about Frank Gehry’s success. Born Frank Goldberg in Toronto in 1929, his creativity could have been limited by tenuous family finances. His achievements, however, are not accidental: propelled by a “distinctive combination of anxiety and curiosity,” he has insisted […]

On the Ground

01.14.16 Contributors: ELAINA BERKOWITZ, JACQUELINE HALL, NICOLAS KEMPER, NATALINA LOPEZ, AMRA SARIC, EDWARD WANG EQUALITY IN DESIGN congratulates YSOA on a stellar improvement in the representation of women on juries from midterms to finals this past semester. Overall, women made up 45% of the invited critics at finals, up from 26% […]