Dotte Agency

MATT KLEINMANN, Doctoral Student and Co-Founding Director of Dotte Agency, University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning In Jeremy Till’s Spatial Agency: Other Ways of Doing Architecture, he presents a compelling alternative for architects and non-architects alike to work together towards the production of space. It is upon this […]

Dispatch from GSAPP

ALESSANDRA CATHERINE CALAGUIRE (M.Arch ‘16, Columbia GSAAP) As the first-year TA this term, I was given the opportunity to contribute to and carry out a new revamped curriculum led by Christoph a. Kumpusch and an energetic team of faculty. The new Core I Curriculum, one of the most radical changes at Columbia’s […]

Dispatch from the GSD

AMIR KARIMPOUR (M.Arch ‘15) Farshid Moussavi taught her studio – arguably the most popular studio at the GSD this term – the same way she approaches a commission: establish mastery through a dense book (hers focus on the function of ornament, form and most recently, style) and then use precedent and […]

YSOA Field Guide to a Tactical Review

DANTE FURIOSO (M.Arch ‘16) Final reviews are a culmination of a semester’s worth of work, and as students, we can take control. No part of the final review should be taken for granted. All parts can be tweaked and curated to benefit our learning experience. Below are a few suggestions: […]

Interview: Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi

MM: Michael Manfredi MW: Marion Weiss (M. Arch ‘84) ET: Eugene Tan (M. Arch ‘16) VT: Vittorio Lovato (M. Arch ‘16) VL Drawing from our past, there is an interesting dialectic between Detroit and Singapore, cities where we come from. They are close to our hearts and affect how we […]

Brooks/Hopfner Studio

TURNER BROOKS and ADAM HOPFNER 1. The italicized text is a statement that has appeared on the ‘masthead’ of the studio for many years now. The studio explores the issue of what constitutes space, and especially the experiential relationship of the body to space in the context of a series of increasingly […]

Brooks/Hopfner Studio: Student Perspectives

KATIE COLFORD—BA ‘16 Our studio is doing architecture in a way that would make Yale College smile: a liberal-arts-based, intellectual pursuit. The pedagogy of the senior studio is one that calls to mind Albers: to see, really see, and to make, working slowly and deliberately. A regular deliverable is the […]

Porphyrios Studio

DEMETRI PORPHYRIOS with GEORGE KNIGHT Our buildings and cities today facilitate—one may even say idolize—the commodification of experience, the erosion of local identity, traditions, character and the dwindling of the métier of building. Through the control of architectural education, Modernism has shattered continuity in education, training and building production in favour […]

Porphyrios Studio: Student Perspectives

PEARL HO—M. Arch ‘16 In the Porphyrios studio, there are several layers of meaning when it comes to context. Context firstly takes form in the fabric of the city in which a project is sited, which is why much of my semester has been spent studying the nature of the […]

Plattus Studio

ALAN PLATTUS with ANDREI HARWELL As in past studios, one of the principle goals of the studio is to foster interaction and collaboration between Yale students and students at Tsinghua University in Beijing, as they discover and explore the city of Beijing and aspects of contemporary Chinese architecture and urbanism.Again, […]

Plattus Studio: Student Perspectives

CYNTHIA HSU / WINNY TAN—M. Arch ‘16 Our studio trip prompted us to study issues of transportation development on not only our site, but across the whole city of Beijing. Once famously crowded by bicycles, the rapidly growing city has built infrastructure that prioritizes motor vehicles, with bicycle ridership down […]

Weiss/Manfredi Studio

MARION WEISS and MICHALE MANFREDI with BRITTON ROGERS We hope to discover latent alignments between the inquiry of our studio and the investigations of our own practice and are stimulated by the resonance and dissonance produced by these parallel worlds. To that end, we hope to spark a stimulating and passionate trajectory […]

Weiss/Manfredi Studio: Student Perspectives

EUGENE TAN—M. Arch ‘16 If tech companies are the new humanist empire, architects are citizens with limited rights. As we saw during our studio travel week in California, laboratories and incubators do not require purpose-built architecture. Repurposing anything from warehouses to the offices of fallen tech giants, companies desire generic […]

Editors’ Note

12.17.2015 CHARLES KANE (M.Arch ’16) and JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT (M.Arch ’16) Late on Wednesday nights, Charles sweeps up the last bits of sawdust from the shop floor as John sets out the Ol’ Grandad bourbon and two tiny teacups. After a toast to our good fortune, a few sketches, a hushed […]

Zenghelis Studio: Student Perspectives

DAPHNE BINDER (M. ARCH ‘16) Thessaloniki begs to question the lens through which architects, cities and communities plan their futures. The studio sets out to bring form, color and content to Thessaloniki’s long-time desire—a metropolitan park. The park—as well as the “ buildings in the park” paradigm—can contain a richness […]

Zenghelis Studio

ELIA ZENGHELIS with ANDREW BENNER and IOANNA ANGELIDOU From a conversation between Elia Zenghelis and Charles Kane. I will begin with the wider context and things that I always do. I always do programs that reinforce my conviction that architecture belongs to the city. Architecture is what makes the city. […]

Eisenman Studio: Student Perspectives

CAITLIN THISSEN (M. Arch ‘16) and ALICIA POZNIAK (M. Arch ‘16) Caitlin and I joined the studio under separate pretexts, but we have developed a project that merges our individual approaches. We are both interested in the notion of the ‘in-between’ or hinge space that the diptych implies, as a […]

Eisenman Studio

PETER EISENMAN with MIROSLAVA BROOKS From a conversation between Peter Eisenman, Miroslava Brooks, and John Kleinschmidt. Our world right now is anti-hierarchical, decentralized, and against power. This cultural condition begs the question: how do we uncouple architecture from power? Symmetries are at the heart of architectural power—think of Fascist, Communist, […]

Bald Studio: Student Perspectives

ANNA MELOYAN  (M. Arch ‘16) Our studio tests architecture as an instrument of observation. This testing demands hyper-sensitization and multiple levels of awareness: within the self, within Kielder Forest, and within the infinite. By reuniting astronomer and instrument, we restore a relationship estranged by technological advancement and rediscover the act […]

Bald Studio

SUNIL BALD and NICHOLAS McDERMOTT Like all studios, our studio has been an attempt to move from darkness into light. Perhaps more uniquely it has also been an attempt to move from lightness into dark. The observatory, an architectural type which leverages darkness for productive ends, is both the object […]

Caples / Jefferson and Rose: Student Perspectives

JEANETTE PENNIMAN (M.Arch ‘15) This year’s Bass Studio is the most honest piece of pedagogy I have encountered at YSOA. There are few pretensions about architects’ freedom in form, material, and process, and even fewer pretensions about room for personal ego. Ongoing struggles to remain true to a higher conceptual ambition […]

Caples / Jefferson and Rose

SARA CAPLES,  EVERARDO JEFFERSON and JONATHAN ROSE Each student in the Bass Studio is developing a project on the Mart 125 site in Harlem, within severe limits of the developer’s highly specific program, a tight urban site, New York City building codes, and a very prescriptive filled-out spatial zoning envelope. Realism, real—we’ve heard […]

On the Ground

12/3 Matt Roman and Peter Eisenman split the Thursday evening lecture, each covering their own distinct, yet related, topic. Roman introduced the book Palladio Virtuel, which he wrote with Eisenman. Together they categorized the three Palladian villa types: the Classical Villas, the Barchessa Projects, and the Virtual Villa. The Virtuel […]

Bird Call

MAGGIE TSANG (M.Arch ‘17) and TESS MCNAMARA (M.E.M. ’18, M.Arch ’18) Good morning YSOA! Tess and Maggie here – your new Coordinating Editors. Last week, in her first address to the school, Dean Designate Deborah Berke said ‘Yale is rightly known for its pluralism—as a place where new ideas are allowed to […]

Swan Song

NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ’16) and ANDY STERNAD (M.Arch ’16) With this issue, we sign off as coordinating editors. Though we will still be part of the publication and plan to contribute next term, we are sad to say that now a new team will be responsible for making 4 am copy edits while […]