Editor’s Statement

by Dante Furioso, M. Arch I, ’16   Upon entering the gray-orange glow of a Yale architecture studio, tall plastic trash cans stand in awkward juxtaposition to the rough walls of bush-hammered concrete. The panoramic view of the wide open floor plate is peppered with the models, drawings and take […]

Diversity, Under Our Roof

by Ethan Fischer, M. Arch I, ’17 for Equality in Design   The presence of a limousine — jet black, tinted, with chauffeur alongside — parked in front of Rudolph Hall through the afternoon of Thursday, January 21st, engendered widespread bewilderment and curiosity among the student body, rivaled only by […]


by Sarah Sax, MESc, ’17   The blackbird flies, twig in beak, determined to its nest above the primates playhouse rogue wood on rogue wood  


by Kyle Goldbach, M.F.A., ’16   Both of these paintings are from a group of works that fall under the title LOT415, taken from the address of the demolished and vacant lot in which the paintings were made. Over the past year, I’ve used this location and materials from surrounding […]

Reaction: Dean Designate Berke’s Introduction

by Robert Hon, M. Arch I, ’17   In December 2007, The New York Times published this comment about Robert A.M. Stern’s 1998 appointment as Dean of the Yale School of Architecture. ‘…the reaction among a broad swath of students, faculty members and prominent  architects was shock mixed with disdainful […]

Rambling on Rubble: The Attraction of Architectural Ruins

by Boris Morin-Defoy, M. Arch I, ’16   The opening comments to Mark Gage’s new seminar Ruin and Ruination revived some strong emotions that puzzled me throughout my time in Rome last summer. Specifically, on our visit to Hadrian’s villa, while my peers seemed to relish the textural and painterly […]

Interview with Justin Hollander

JESSICA ANGEL (M. Arch I, ’16)   Jessica Angel (JA): Who are your biggest enemies when addressing population decline? Would you argue that it is a sensitive issue, especially in a country where population growth is the synonym for economic growth and success? Justin Hollander (JH): I don’t like to […]

Prepare for Landing

by Ian Donaldson, M. Arch I, ’18   The North End of Detroit is the city’s unofficial cradle of Funk, where George Clinton first transformed into Dr. Funkenstein and got his big start at Motown Records. Famous musicians such as Smokey Robinson, Bettye Lavette, John Lee Hooker, and B.B. King […]

Carry in Carry Out—The Denial of Residue

by Gregory Cartelli, M.E.D., ’17   In the 1970s, the United States began a series of educational efforts under the title of Leave No Trace. This program followed successful precedents, Tread Lightly and Smokey the Bear, educating the population on the effects their actions on the natural environment. This change […]

Spatial Filler

by Jonathan Hanna, University of Michigan Taubman College, M.U.D. ’16   With every demolition, a celebration. With every abandoned home torn down, a neighborhood victory. As Luther Vandross said, ‘a chair is still a chair, even when there’s no one sittin’ there, but a chair is not a house and […]

The ‘Solution’ in Detroit: Blight, Erasure, and Alternative Practices

by Daniel Glick-Unterman, M. Arch I ’17   According to The Guardian, it costs $15,000 to demolish a blighted home in Detroit. Two hundred homes are demolished every week and the city’s median per capita income is $14,870. At the same time, Detroit has one of the largest black populations […]

On the Ground

1/27: It’s that time of year again— the 86th Annual Spring Co-Ed Rudolph Open returns to YSoA. Teams have been formed and a new net has been purchased. Shuttlecocks are set to fly next week 1/28: ‘Architecture happens between that which I desire and that which I get,’ informed KERSTEN […]