Students on Form and Discipline

  DIMA SROUJI and SARAH KASPER (M.Arch ’16, M. Arch ’16) Instead of looking to architecture as precedent for our project in Peter Eisenman’s studio, we are drawing upon the principles of Alberti’s text Della Pittura (1435) as manifest in Sandro Botticelli’s painting Cestello Annunciation (1489). In adding onto Palazzo […]

Form Survey

What is formalism to you? Formalism is something incredibly dry and rigid, like a dinner party where everyone is trying to impress one another. –Anon. Formalism relies on the interaction, distortion, or relationship of compositional elements (lines, shapes, typologies) to gain meaning. –Charles Kane A mode of revealing, or bringing […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts

AMANDA IGLESIAS (M.Arch ’18) Thank you for your quiet. For the hush and shadow of entrance, the District dissolving behind. Here is the familiar thicket of columns, darkly-marbled, glassine. And the dome, the cream white crescent ahead. I watch it flower, unfolding with each step forward. It is a crisply coffered thing, […]

Palladio Virtuel

Palladio Virtuel Authors: Peter Eisenman with Matt Roman Publisher: Yale University Press (December 2015) Preface This book is a critical work by an architect, not a historian or a critic. Its approach is little interested in the accepted narrative or recorded historical facts about Andrea Palladio. Nor is this book […]

Speech by Deborah Berke

Speech by Deborah Berke: YSoA 11.30.15 In the tradition of Yale, thank you President Salovey, thank you Dean Stern.  In the spirit of Yale, thank you Peter, thank you Bob. Thank you everyone. This is an exciting day for me, and I am honored to be here to meet with […]

On the Ground

ON THE GROUND We congratulate our new coordinating editors, MAGGIE TSANG (M.Arch ‘17) and TESS MCNAMARA (M.Arch & M.E.M. ’18) who will, as of January, be responsible for the good standing and health of Paprika! Support Paprika! We receive no funding from the school of architecture. As such, over the […]


EDITORIAL This, Paprika’s fourteenth issue – what we the editors have more or less lovingly been referring to as the Formalist Fold – is interested expressly in architectural form and its discipline. By architectural form, we mean representations and manifestations of, as well as criticism on, the stuff of buildings. […]