Fold XIII Editor’s Note

11.12.2015 PEARL HO (M.Arch ’16) and JENNY KIM (M.Arch ’16) Fold XIII of Paprika! draws from the Whole Earth Catalogs, Stewart Brand’s publication that ran from 1968 to 1972,  which provided a comprehensive world overview of  groundbreaking patterns of thoughts, information, ideas and technologies both old and new. Its emphasis on self-sufficiency […]

Interview with Anab Jain and Jon Arden of The Superflux Lab

11.12.2015 PEARL HO (M.Arch ‘16) The Drone Aviary – a project from The Superflux Lab – is a study and speculation of the secretive social, political and cultural potentials locked in drone technology as it enters civil space. Exhibited worldwide and recently at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the project’s […]

On the ground

Contributors: Daniel Glick-Unterman, Rob Yoos (both M.Arch ‘17), Anthony Gagliardi, Pearl Ho, Samantha Jaff, Nicolas Kemper, Anne Ma, Andrew Sternad, Caitlin Thissen (all M.Arch ‘16),  Daphne Agosin (MED ‘17), Emily Sigman (BA ‘11) This past week rallies, protests, and confrontations convulsed Yale College and captured the attention of national media […]

A new vision for Bridgeport

11.12.2015 DORIAN BOOTH (M.Arch ‘16) and JENNY KIM (M.Arch ‘16) A new vision for Bridgeport . 2nd Year Urbanism Studio.      

NHV Public Droneport

11.12.2015 DAN GLICK-UNTERMAN (MArch ‘17) NHV Public Droneport. 1st Year Core studio.

Farming Katrina: Crisis-Motivated Change in the New Orleans Food System

11.12.2015 TESS McNAMARA (F.E.S ’18 M. Arch ’18) In Dolores Hayden’s “Built Environments and the Politics of Place,” students were tasked with researching a subject that has an impact on the built environment due to its racial, political, or gender-based implications. To “study something with social consequence” is not a […]

Destroyed, Struck, Supressed

11.12.2015 NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch I ’16) In Subtraction, Keller Easterling argues that destruction is as important as creation – that it should receive the same scrutiny we afford design. Last week (11/1-7) the American led coalition conducted 186 airstrikes in Iraq (130) and Syria (56), in which it destroyed, struck […]

Blue Tarp and Brown Tape : The Gramsci Monument by Thomas Hirschhorn

11.12.2015 DAPHNE AGOSIN (M.E.D. ‘17) Thomas Hirschhorn built ‘a temporary, precarious monument’, dedicated to the Marxist intellectual Antonio Gramsci, in the Forest Houses Complex, South Bronx, a poor neighborhood comprised of 21 percent unemployment and an overall poverty rate of 43 percent. A platform structured on top of pallets, built with […]

Curating Change : An Interview with Andres Lepik

11.12.2015 JENNY KIM (M.Arch ‘16) Social engagement and participatory design has been in the spotlight at YSOA this fall, in part due to Sara Caple’s seminar “Participation in diverse communities”.  Each week, students present a project that explores cultural and public projects that are both architecturally compelling and socially uplifting. Many […]

Cadavre Exquis: Surry’s review of four exquisite visions

11.12.2015 SURRY SCHLABS (PHD) Paprika! distributed four blank 13” x 13” canvases to each floor of Rudolph Hall to play a game of exquisite corpse with our peers. Each square was labeled “Welcome to the New Normal,” in the hopes that students would make their mark and pass it along […]