Fold XII Editor’s Note

11.05.2015 BY GARRETT HARDEE, CAROLINE ACHEATEL, and GEORGIA TODD Graphics by CHASE BOOKER This week’s issue of Paprika! approaches the field of architecture ‘from the outside in,’ as an attempt to gauge perceptions and ideas about the architect from the perspective of the wider professional landscape.Submissions from colleagues in the fields of law, fine art, […]

Buying In

11.05.2015 By CARL CORNILSEN (M.Arch, MBA, ’16) and NICOLAS KEMPER (M.Arch ’16) While most architecture students at Yale are notorious for spending most of their graduate lives within the walls of Rudolph Hall, today a record number are pursuing a more interdisciplinary and individualized education by joining the joint architecture degree programs […]

Experimental Design

11.05.2015 By LAUREL LORENZ Obsessive. It’s a quality shared among architects and scientists. While architects obsess over their building material, building design and whether their design will influence society, scientists obsess over their experimental design, experimental results, and whether their results will influence society.  These obsessions drive both architects and […]

A View of Rudolph Hall from the Paul Rand Center for Graphic Design

11.05.2015 By ERIK FREER (MFA ’17) From my perspective, I see architecture and graphic design in the same field.  I feel graphic design is deeply intertwined with architecture, embedded within the many smaller divisions of the larger profession, some still forming as new technologies present themselves and others, relics of […]

Healing by Design: Medicine and Biophilia

11.05.2015 By NICHOLAS LEE ( M.D. ’17) When one thinks of the word ‘hospital,’ images of sterility, cleanliness, and a functional efficiency spring to mind. Words such as ‘happy’ or ‘bright’ are conspicuously missing. Contemporary hospital design is focused almost entirely on treating bodily ailments without concurrently improving the mental […]

On Dancing and Rowing: Reprise on Peter Eisenman

11.05.2015 By CHARLOTTE ALGIE (M. Arch ’16) I studied my undergraduate degree in Melbourne, Australia under the supervision of one distinguished alumnus of Yale School of Architecture, very little known outside our remote Island colony, who works and teaches the life lived through architecture, framed by experiences of his training […]

Survey: What do you think about Architects?

11.05.2015 The answers to this week’s survey questions come from a not so rigorous online poll titled ‘What do you know about Architects?,” sent out to students in Yale’s graduate schools of business, law, forestry, medicine, and art. Over twenty students responded, and offer an interesting, although admittedly limited snapshot […]

Announcing (Un)Disciplined

11.05.2015 At Yale School of Architecture, discourse is soliloquy. (un)disciplined is an independent student forum that defies the school’s status quo by encouraging cross-disciplinary dialogues. Venturing into unfamiliar territory makes our discipline stronger and creates new possibilities for practice, research, and engagement with the wider world. Our speaker series convenes […]

The Architecture of Medical-Legal Partnerships

11.05.2015 By MARK HANIN (J.D. ’17)   Every Friday I help provide legal aid to veterans struggling with mental illness, homelessness,and poverty. The Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (CVLC) in West Haven, where I volunteer, shares a large partitioned space with a VA outpatient clinic. The medical-legal partnership between CVLC and […]

On the Ground

11.05.2015 Contributions from ERIC PETERSON, NICOLAS KEMPER, JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT, ANDREW STERNAD, ELAINA BERKOWITZ, JACQUELINE  HALL, GEORGIA KENNEDY, MISHA SEMENOV, TIM ALTENHOF, EDWARD WANG, and DAVID KEMPER 10/18 “It’s the Temple of Karnak!” exclaimed TURNER BROOKS (‘65, M.Arch ‘70) after seeing the impressive field of columns supporting an abandoned grain elevator […]