Fold X Editor’s Note

ELAINA BERKOWITZ (M.Arch 17′) ‘Value’ is the theme we seek to explore as members of The Architecture Lobby @ YSoA – a group of students who aim to articulate the value of architecture, and its production, for ourselves and the public. The Architecture Lobby was founded by Yale professor Peggy Deamer […]

Selling Architecture

MISHA SEMENOV (M.Arch 18′) This Thursday in his Formal Analysis course, Peter Eisenman announced to Yale’s first-year students that “architecture won’t solve housing problems, so we have to figure out what problems architecture does solve.” The “solutions” presented that class, the details of Bramante’s corner resolutions and pochés, had, he […]

Clocking In: A Checkup

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT (M.Arch ’16) In this semester’s first issue of Paprika, I set out a plan to track the hours I spend in studio at Rudolph Hall in a self-reported public timesheet. I invited all who are interested to join me, and 14 people did. Of that group, only five of […]

The Value of Good Practice: Interview with Cesar Pelli of Pelli Clarke Pelli

LUKE ANDERSON (M.Arch ’16) Known for design excellence as well as creating an excellent place to work, Cesar Pelli of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects tells us about the relationship between good design and good practice. Luke Anderson: Do you think that paying architects fairly for their work produces better work, […]

Black in Design: A Reflection

FRANCESCA CARNEY (M.Arch ’17) Hundreds of beautiful moments happened this weekend at the Black in Design Conference hosted and organized by the African American Student Union at the GSD. It was a gathering of people from around the country addressing and discussing cultural and racial issues within design fields. Over a […]

The Artist’s Architect: Notes from the Olafur Eliasson Studio

MADDY SEMBLER (M.Arch ’17) Taylor Dover pursues a post-architecture education by working for artist Olafur Eliasson. Maddy Sembler:  I’m very interested to know how you began working for Olafur. Did you work for artists or art institutions before? Taylor Dover: The short answer would be no, I never worked for anyone […]

Our Own Narratives: My experience at the Black in Design Conference

ABENA BONNA (M.Arch ’18) Dialogue. Scale. Pedagogy. These words resonated with me during the Black in Design Conference, which I attended with Francesca Carney (March ’17) this past weekend at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. They touch upon how we can critique definitions of process, growth, and inclusivity, as well […]

The Pledge

Last semester, a total of 68 students from YSoA, Harvard GSD, and Columbia GSAPP signed The Pledge, which is an agreement developed by The Architecture Lobby, asking students to uphold the value of architectural labor when seeking a job. The three points of the pledge are as follows:   Refuse […]

Rethinking Studio Culture

MATTHEW ZUCKERMAN (M.Arch 17′) The Yale School of Architecture is a total institution. The term, coined by the sociologist Erving Goffman in 1957, refers to an isolated social system which controls all aspects of participants’ lives.  Like many other demanding academic environments, the YSOA is an institution acutely insulated from the […]

Lean Meat

MICHAEL LOYA (Joint Degree SOM ’18 M.Arch ’18) “Nice rendering.” One of the more frequent utterances of a young critic, both an empty compliment and signal of the moment in which the whole room should shuffle a few feet to the right.  A curious occurrence, the short exchange illustrative of the […]