Fold VIII Editor’s Note

AMRA SARIC (YC ’17) and EDWARD WANG (YC ’16) How are buildings shot, time-lapsed or surveyed? What is the architect to the set designer – nemesis or bedfellow? Is the moving image of the city better? We begin this issue with such provocations to investigate architecture through the video camera […]

Interview with Deborah Berke

AMRA SARIC (YC ’15) and EDWARD WANG (YC ’16) speak with DEBORAH BERKE EW Congratulations! What was your initial reaction to the news? Did you find out in the same abrupt way that we did? DB There is a search process for the dean, and I went through the process, […]

Augmented Bodies

DIONYSUS CHO (M.Arch ’15) Each of us today possesses two bodies: the primitive body that a human being always possessed and the virtual body that has come into being with the spread of the media. The former seeks the beautiful light and fresh breeze found in nature. The other body […]

Wasteland Baroque and the Mobile Metropolis in Mad Max: Fury Road

CRISTIAN ONCESCU (M. Arch ’14) On the tabula rasa of the post-apocalyptic wasteland, director George Miller invents a constantly mobile version of civilization comprised of the detritus of our own world.[1] Author Justin McGuirk identifies the vast emptiness of Mad Max: Fury Road’s Namibian desert as home to neither infrastructure […]

Mirror, Mirror

PREETI TALWAI (M.E.D. ’16) Screens large and small, overflowing with moving digital images, are ubiquitous in our built environment. From airport terminals to smartphones, they are integral to our everyday physical and social infrastructures. Cultural theorists have developed various nomenclatures for these omnipresent interfaces, including MediaSpace, everyware, and the ambient. […]

Architecture on Film: Hernan Diaz-Alonso Studio (II)

MICHAEL MILLER (M.Arch ’15) (Imagine a Piranesi etching: its drama, its contrasts, its tiny silhouettes, its spatial layering, overlapping bridges, hanging chains, and puffs of steam from an impenetrable beyond. Form and spatial narrative are the essence of these drawings; the architecture is formed around and because of these ideas.) […]

Architecture on Film: Hernan Diaz-Alonso Studio (I)

HANK MEZZA (M.Arch ’15) Last year I took two unconventional advanced studios: in the fall, FAT — the late, radical, London-based firm emphasized design heavily rooted in reference that used the symbols of culture to subvert culture itself; in the spring — Hernan Diaz-Alonso’s studio focused on butchery and animation […]

Architecture on Film: Keller Easterling Studio

LILA JIANG CHEN (M.Arch ’16) The premise of the Spring 2015 urban studio led by Keller Easterling was rather broad: resiliency in Bridgeport. While specific site, client, and program were not named, a unique collaborative effort generated a clear set of goals for implementation and offered a chance to shed […]

Still Life: Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera

KATIE COLFORD (YC ’16) Dziga Vertov’s final note on the score for his famed “Man with a Movie Camera” calls for the “loudest sound you have ever heard,” as John McKay described at the recent Whitney Humanities Center screening of the classic 1929 film. At the screening, the three members […]

J. Irwin Miller Symposium: “A Constructed World”

YANBO LI (YC ‘16) has coffee with BIMAL MENDIS (YC ’02, M.Arch ’98) and JOYCE HSIANG (YC ’03, M.Arch ’99)   Y: In your mind, how do the exhibition and symposium relate to one another? J: It always started as a conversation. It was an exhibition where you looked at the idea of the […]