Fold VI

Editor’s Note In late August, I found myself hunched over a small pool—my shoes and hands caked in acrid mud—with a group of volunteers attempting to rescue salamanders from an evaporating bog in the humid backcountry of North Carolina. Far from the palm-wringing anxiety of a summer competition deadline, it […]

Interview with Caples / Jefferson

KATIE STEGE (M.Arch/ FES ‘17) Sara Caples (M.Arch ‘74) and Everardo Jefferson (M.Arch ‘73), Principals of Caples Jefferson Architects in New York, serve as the Louis I. Kahn Visiting Assistant Professors this fall. We caught up via conference call. KS:Your lecture title, This Particular Time and Place, explicitly references the […]

Interview with Marshall Brown

CHARLES KANE (M.Arch ‘16) Marshall Brown, principal of Marshall Brown Projects, is an architect, urban designer, writer and educator based in Chicago. His work will be featured in the American Pavilion at next year’s Venice Biennale. We caught him by phone as he walked the streets of Chicago. CK:You recently penned […]

Interview with Peggy Deamer

CHARLES KANE (M.Arch ‘16) Peggy Deamer, Assistant Dean of the YSOA, architect, writer, and founder of the Architecture Lobby, took some time to answer questions before she began her sabbatical. CK: In your article for the Avery Review titled “The Guggenheim Helsinki Competition: What is the Value Proposition?” you clearly describe […]

Parallel Projections: A New Model

JOHN KLEINSCHMIDT (M.Arch ‘16) Today, quasi-professional competitions like the Guggenheim Helsinki inhabit a bizarre space somewhere between pure ideas and aspirations to build, commodifying architectural ideas as simplistic images. Is there another model? Kyle Beneventi thinks so. A former New Haven resident who worked for Pickard Chilton, Beneventi is now […]

Reflections from the Cistern

LUKE ANDERSON (M.Arch ‘16) Project Team: Peter de Bretteville Architect Competition: Guggenheim Helsinki Brief: Design a new museum in the Eteläsatama of Helsinki Working on the Guggenheim competition the summer of 2014 with Peter de Bretteville was a breath of fresh air amongst high-intensity, high-stakes competitions that you so commonly […]


JAMES KEHL (M.Arch ‘16) Project Team: Xiao Wu (M.Arch/MBA ‘17) and Li Kehl (MBA ‘16), Phaelan Vaillancourt (MBA ‘16), and Emilio Ilac (MBA ‘16). Competition:Urban Land Institute’s Hines Competition 2015 Brief: master plan for a site in Tremé, New Orleans. Last semester, I participated in the Urban Land Institute’s Hines […]

A Flexible Kink Fringe through Mercurial Windows

DANIEL GLICK-UNTERMAN (M.Arch ‘17) Project Team: Martin Elliot (M.Arch, MIT), Chad Schram (M.Arch, University of Michigan) and Daniel Glick-Unterman (M.Arch 17), Competition: ARCHmedium’s Detroit Station for the Arts Brief: Re-design Detroit’s Michigan Central Station. The station is one of the most prolific ruins in Detroit and has the most broken windows […]

On the Ground

In an August 21 New Yorker profile on DEAN STERN, writer IAN VOLNER suggested that as his architecture had moved from winking at the past to seeking to embody it, the Dean had moved from being a member of the “Grays” to being a “Black.” 9/3 “About 700 tons of […]