3 Days, 3 Publics: The State of the Art of Architecture at the Chicago Biennial.

DANIEL GLICK-UNTERMAN (M.Arch 17′) and MISHA SEMENOV (M.Arch 18′) “You fuck this up and you’ll set Chicago architecture back for years.” -Stanley Tigerman (M.Arch ‘61) to Sarah Herda, co-director of the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial This weekend, correspondents Daniel Glick-Unterman and Misha Semenov traveled to Chicago to represent P A […]


WESLEY HIATT (M.Arch ’17) “$100,000 for that little sound – and I’m like, ‘Come on! Where’s the love at?’ I’ll just play it my damn self.”[1] – J Dilla, 2003 New York City, 1975 – A Disco DJ cuts back and forth between tracks to keep a crowd moving. Techniques […]

Pity in Pink

PEARL HO (M.Arch 16′) In India, one rape occurs every twenty two minutes. Many of us were raised to have a certain respect for the man-made landscape, seeing in the built environment a neutral canvas, a place for us all to sketch out the contours of our common existence. But […]

Lesbos: The Possibilities of an Island

DAPHNE AGOSIN and GREGORY CARTELLI   The word island comes from the Latin word insula and the old French word isle – the meanings behind which refer to the idea of detachment and formlessness. The defining characteristics of an island appear to be “smallness” and “remoteness”. There is a sense […]

Design in Public and the Seattle Design Festival

SUSAN SURFACE (MArch ’12) Program Director, Design in Public Design in Public, a strategic initiative of the American Institute of Architects Seattle, is the 501(c)3 entity that produces the Seattle Design Festival. Its stated vision is of “a future Seattle – recognized as a world design capital – where communities, […]

Interview with Saskia Sassen

JUAN PABLO PONCE DE LEON with SURRY SCHLABS Interview with Saskia Sassen A recurring theme in your recent book, Expulsions, is the importance of “making visible” the processes of expulsion – deregulation, financialization, “predatory formations” – which are allowed to thrive, thanks in great part to their impenetrably complex, “subterranean” […]