Fold Statement of Purpose

TWO ISSUES OLD, AND TRYING A DIFFERENT FOLD. Today we launch a Paprika! broadsheet. A running record to appear on lecture Thursdays, the broadsheet will lay a brisk beat to a now biannual journal (expect Paprika! Issue 3 in September). Still a student run and written publication bound firmly to […]


Professor Adjunct KENT BLOOMER just finished Up Against the Wall: Reimagining the U.S. Border, by Edward S. Casey and Mary Watkins (2014). The book is a rigorous and very disturbing critique of the U.S. construction of heavily policed 16’ high wall along much our southern border.  Remedies are proposed.   […]


03.23 “She wanted to stage the life that was already there,” said Washington University in St. Louis Associate Professor ZEULER LIMA of Lina Bo Bardi, the subject of his recently published biography, a project 15 years in the making which he shared with the PhD forum. At dinner afterwards he […]


Robert A.M. Stern Visiting Professor LEON KRIER interviewed by ALICIA POZNIAK (MArch II ‘17)   AP: What is the most important thing that you learned from James Stirling? LK: How to edit drawings. He was rigorous with the lineweights, whether the line was straight or dotted or double thickness. And […]

File Names: A Typological Study or, Why are these basically invisible cyber-identification tags sometimes the most honest, straightforward statements we make about our projects?

ELIF EREZ   Description of Object             0124_Thumbnail.gif             Window.3dm             ScannedSurfaceMassing.3dm             Flanges for stick.obj void-one-slower.gif TORUS NO GIANT POLYSURFACES.3dm PERSPECTIVE[Converted].pdf Nice wall building (2).3dm Description of Action             Site_cutcutcut.3dm             Extruuude.3dm PRINT THIS FIRST.psd Illustrator Zoomed in sea graves TIME TO PRINT.makerbot mill dis.3dm rhino-ing my paperrrr.3dm […]

Missed Opportunity for Dialogue

SARAH  MEYOHAS (Mfa Photography ‘16)   On February 28th, a conference titled The Legal Medium was held at Yale Law School. The brainchild of Amar Bakshi, a third-year law student, the day was meant to analyze the intersection of art and law. When art breaks the confines of traditional boundaries, […]