A Brief History of the Chicago Architectural Biennial

JONATHAN HECKERT Jonathan Heckert is a Chicago Architect & Adjunct Professor at IIT A looming question over this year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial: what does it mean to “Make New History?” One can imagine the potential of an architecturally significant argument, ahistorical in nature, taking stock of the ruptures created between […]

Make New Mystery

ORLI HAKANOGLU (M.Arch I, 2019) This year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial artistic directors, Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee, identified a generation of architects who share a renewed interest in architectural precedents, inviting over 140 participants to “make new history.” As a student still relatively new to the profession, I came with […]

“Whose History?”

JEREMY JACINTH (M.Arch II, 2018) The second Chicago Architectural Biennial opened to the public on Saturday, September 16th, featuring over 140 designers from more than 20 countries. Given the breadth of work, I emerged from the rooms of the Chicago Cultural Center dazed and overly stimulated, wondering what the takeaway from […]

The Good Nuggets

ORLI HAKANOGLU (M. Arch I ‘19) These four Biennial projects were markedly different in their negotiation of the prompt, yet united in their success of producing meaningful, comprehensible, and visually interesting work.   T+E+A+M, Ghostbox The 19th century romanticization of ruins as “authentic materiality” and their mediation through technologies of image […]

Make New History

ORLI HAKANOGLU (M. Arch I ‘19) and JEREMY JACINTH (M. Arch II ‘18) Over the weekend of September 13-17, Paprika! sent two student correspondents, Orli Hakanoglu (M. Arch I ‘19) and Jeremy Jacinth (M. Arch II ‘18) to the second Chicago Architecture Biennial, where the Artistic Directors Shannon Johnston and Mark […]