Editor’s Statement

Architecture students make fictional buildings. Architects make real buildings. Sometimes they make fictional buildings too. Writers of fiction put real buildings in their stories. Other times they invent fictional buildings for their stories. The more we thought about architecture and fiction, the more confused we got. So we issued an […]


Whereas once the body belonged to a lord and the soul belonged to a god, today the body and the soul belong to the nation state. The hold of its ideology on our belief systems and the claim of its forces on our territories is without precedent. The nation’s advantages—rule […]

Book Club

To construct their elaborate imaginings of future worlds, authors of science fiction must design every aspect of their visionary societies: economies, languages, races, kinship structures, and, crucially, architectures. Such fantastical structures are predominantly bound to the written word with one major exception: the cover image of a book. From the […]

Walgreens Story

MATTHEW WAGSTAFFE (M.ARCH ’19)   Nothing could be more remarkable than seeing someone who thinks himself unobserved engaged in some quite simple everyday activity. Let’s imagine a theatre, the curtain goes up & we see someone alone in his room walking up and down, lighting a cigarette seating himself etc. […]

On the Ground

02/20 (Thursday) 5:13a.m. 43 students were counted on the 6th floor. Deirdre Plaus celebrates her birthday with an allnighter. 13 students show up at the 9:00 a.m structures class. Similar amounts in the urban sections. 3:00 p.m. More people than I can count with my fingers were asleep on the […]

On Island

Advanced Design Studio On Island Course 1119b Design and Visualization Spring 2018 Coordinating Faculty: Harris Steven with Michael Robinson Cohen Theme The island is a recurring concept in both architectural theory and history. Oswald Mathias Ungers and his student Rem Koolhaas famously invoked the island figure in their 1977 analysis […]


CAMERON NELSON (BA ’19) The first time I played Myst, I stayed in my room all day, from the opening scene until it was solved. Created in 1993 by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, Myst quickly became the best-selling computer game of all time, a title it held as late […]

Interview with Will Wiles

Will Wiles is the author of two novels: Care of Wooden Floors, in which a man is driven mad by a minimalist apartment, and The Way Inn, a horror story set in an anonymous chain hotel. He is also a contributing editor at Icon magazine and a freelance design journalist. […]

Interview with Tony Stephanos

Tony Stephanos is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with the Syska Henesy Group. Based in the greater Los Angeles Area, Stephanos also does consulting work on Hollywood movies—usually action or heist films—that feature scenes set in boiler rooms, air ducts, or other mechanical spaces.   P!: How’d you get involved in […]

Dim Sum

GWYNETH BACON-SHONE (M.ARCH I, ’19) Alex cocked his head up and slowly scanned the room. The dim, 237th floor lab was silent but for the rhythmic titter tattering of keypads. He was surrounded by a sea of shiny jet black hair, which, in the shadowy room, reflected the bright lights […]

Ritual Vessels and Their Myths

OLISA AGULUE (M.ARCH I, ’19) In the 1960s, following the excavation of a tomb within the territory of the Azande region of northern Congo, the art aficionado John Pigozzi acquired two ceramic artifacts. He later donated these objects to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their exhibit “Arts of Africa, […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

MICHAEL GLASSMAN (M.ARCH, ’20) The ribbon cutting went just as planned. “One more,” the photographer called out, motioning for us to hold our pose, but we had all taken one step toward the hole and peered down, transfixed by the red satin ribbon that fell and fell and fell. Fourteen […]

Four Cautionary Tales of Prison Architecture

GUS STEYER (M.ARCH I, ’19) First Prison  Second Life Facility The prison is a simple box full of ergonomic chairs that carry inmates in hospital gowns. There is enough space in this box for each inmate to be moved around in an exercise routine and for the staff to circulate […]