Battlegrounds and Bachelor Flats: An Interview with Jay Shockley

JACOB R. MOORE is a critic, curator, and editor. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in various magazines and journals including Artforum, Future Anterior, and The Avery Review, where he is a contributing editor. He is the assistant director of Columbia University’s Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the […]

Editor’s Statement

Last year in a episode of Netflix’s Dear White People, out and proud Silvio advises Lionel, a shy and closeted student reporter, to “find your label! I’m a Mexican-Italian, gay, vers, top, otter pup.” Labels, Silvio says, “keep people in Florida from drinking Windex.” Labels are inescapable. We often depend […]

Gender Warriors in Support of Chelsea Manning Running for Senate

MALIC WHITE   GO All Neos hold a plank position for the entire play. LU: In 2013 we performed a play- MW: “Gender Warriors in Support of Chelsea Manning.” IC: We called her a hero. DKH: We called her by her name. JJ: And when the media challenged her womanhood […]

Gender Warriors in Support of Chelsea Manning

MALIC WHITE   GO MW: If you support Chelsea Manning in her release of restricted government documents, could you please come on stage? Malic instructs participating audience members to assume a plank position. All NEOS (except for IC and BD) and audience members assume a plank position. BD: The plank […]


G LASTER (BA, 18) & EMILY GOLDING (BA, ’18)   When we made this, we were exploring ideas of boundedness and legibility of self. The physical recombination of images and phrases represents selfhood as a constellation of disparate selfhoods.

Labeling Practice: A brainstorm session

BRANDT KNAPP & JEROME HAFERD Oprah to RuPaul: What would you say defines you? RuPaul : (laughs) Today? At this moment? … I’m everything and nothing at all. -excerpts from interview between Oprah Winfrey and RuPaul Charles on 16 January 2018 The Problem of Fixation There is a bottomless hole […]

Log 41 Review

RAY WU (M.ARCH I, ’19) The millennial pink of Log 41 registers immediately (the past several issues were rose-colored). Apart from the usual interview, another take at Eisenman and Rowe, and talks of shape and fiction (all worthwhile reads), the issue dedicates 100+ pages to a special section titled Working […]

On The Ground

2/01 Professor Kyoung Sun Moon assigns Homework “#1.5” Louis Kahn Assistant Visiting Professors Florencia Pita and Jackilin Hah Bloom received hard questions on their “Easy Work.” “‘Why are they skirting around architecture?’” “You’re trying to trace culture or cite culture, but you never cite architecture, but you’re architects.” “Where is […]

Pussypedia Statement

Pussypedia is a free, online, bilingual encyclopedia of the vagina with a built-in 3D vagina model. It’s a portal of rigorously vetted resources and original articles about all things vagina—including trans-spectrum vagina—written in accessible language. We wanted Pussypedia to change the conversation about vaginas and the people that have them. […]

Sissy: An Interview with Jacob Tobia

Jacob Tobia is a writer, producer, and author of the forthcoming memoir Sissy. Jacob speaks publicly across the country on themes relating to gender and sexuality, writes for television, and hopes to soon create their own show. Currently, they are producing the reading of a play about a trans German […]

Sue me, I’m an “architect”

NICOLE DOAN (M.ARCH II ’19) Prior to returning to school, I indulged in the luxury of spare time, spending unproductive evenings at dinners, bars, parties, and other social functions. Whether alone or with friends, I often struggled to introduce myself definitively to strangers. The conversations felt the same, as though […]

The Personal Cruising Revolution

LIWEI WANG (M.ARCH I ’19) I think by now, most people are familiar with Grindr, the geosocial hookup app and staple for many gay men. Although Grindr was released in 2009, it built upon a legacy of analog cruising: prolonged eye-contact, confirmation (smile or headnod), and one party leading another […]