Letter to the Administration

To the administration, First of all, thank you for your effort in organizing alternatives to the Rome: Continuity & Change seminar. We also believe that there should be more than one summer program offered to second-year M.Arch. I and first-year M.Arch II students, as we come from different areas of […]

Local Area News: History Repeating: The Redevelopment of New Haven’s Church Street

JONATHAN HOPKINS (M.E.D. ’19) “You sometimes wonder – why did they do that? For redevelopment proposes they did that.” Church Street South Housing is a 301-unit project-based low-income residential development in New Haven built in 1969 and designed by former YSOA Dean Charles Moore. Today, the complex is almost entirely […]

The Subversive Architect: Toward a Design Jurisprudence for Revolutionaries

TYLER CRAWFORD (J.D. CANDIDATE, FORDHAM UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW ’19) A stack of concrete, weatherworn and gray, alternating with inlaid glass, towers above the Long Wharf with its miles of rail track, light industry, and parking lots. The building is a two-tiered, Brutalist epitaph of stripped out interiors and walls […]

Architecture and Music

FELICE DOYNOV (YALE SCHOOL OF MUSIC ’17) Architecture and music might seem like completely separate mediums, but there are many parallels that can be drawn between the two in regards to their fundamental structures, histories, and uses. Architects take an idea or a mood and transform it into a concrete, […]

In Defense of the Introvert

JAMES COLEMAN (M.ARCH I ’18) It is no extravagant claim to say that, in the past thirty years, audiences have shrunk in singular mass but expanded in number, diversity, and definition. Audiences are now more capable of achieving greater levels of connectivity, if not communication. The active creation, re-categorization, and […]

On The Ground

1/17 Equality in Design held a mentorship event with free pizza.   1/18 We were all scolded by Dean Berke in an all-student meeting. Studio floors were alluded to as a “pigsty.” Throwing away unused material? Should give that a try. Oh yeah, blocking fire alarms and egress is a […]

Editors’ Statement

When tasked with “rebuilding architecture”, the first question should be “for whom?”. As architects, we can agree that everyone has an investment in the fate of the built environment. But this reality is rarely acknowledged outside of our discipline. In a similar vein, architecture draws heavily from other fields; the […]

Rebuilding Rebuilding

WES HIATT (BASS SCHOLAR IN ARCHITECTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, M.ARCH ’17) If one can’t already infer from the title Rebuilding Architecture, a not-so-between-the-lines reading of the abstract for this weekend’s symposium will leave one feeling that architects have found themselves in a bit of a pickle. We’re told […]

Architecture and Public Health

ASHTON GORES (YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, M.P.H. ’18) When I think of architecture and the architect, a collection of words comes to mind: designer, constructor, artist, conceptualizer. When I think of my own career in public health another set of words comes to mind: reformer, designer, applier, conceptualizer. From […]

Interview with Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman

ALEJANDRO DURAN & ORLI HAKANOGLU (M.ARCH I ’19) Cruz and Forman are principals in Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman, a research-based political and architectural practice in San Diego, investigating issues of informal urbanization, civic infrastructure and public culture, with a special emphasis on Latin American cities. Blurring conventional boundaries between […]