It’s the End of the Digital as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

MARK FOSTER GAGE (Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, Yale School of Architecture. Founding partner of Mark Foster Gage Architects) Previously published in Postdigital Artisans: Craftsmanship With a New Aesthetic in Fashion, Art, Design and Architecture (Frame: 2015) There are equal quantities of irony and prescience in the fact that the […]

Paradigmatic Resolution: The Debased Flower Images of Young & Ayata

MICHAEL YOUNG (Louis I. Kahn Visiting Professor, Yale School of Architecture. Founding partner of Young & Ayata) The following text was written for the exhibition Young & Ayata – Debased Flowers at the Area Institute Gallery Paris, France – Winter 2018 Architecture once had a technique for dealing with the problem of […]


AMIR KARIMPOUR (Computation and Fabrication Critic, Yale School of Architecture. Founding partner of Alden Studios and founder of Walker Vail) Recently, in the fields of  design and technology, the push for greater computing power  has focused on increasing the resolution of our current digital tools. Power, in this context, is […]

On The Ground

01/11 First year building project now in motion. Here’s to hoping everything goes smoothly. No lotion. Alan Organschi is quite charming. Not what we expected, truly alarming. Lottery day, advanced studio leaders present their classes. Students await anxiously to hear which class they’re in. To pass the time, some students dined, […]

Interview with Trevor Williams

TREVOR WILLIAMS (Support Technician, Office of Digital Media, Yale School of Architecture) Trevor started working for the Yale School of Architecture as a contractor in August of 2011 and was officially hired by the university in October of that year. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture with a […]

An Image is a Room is an Image

HAYLIE CHAN (M.ARCH I, ’19) This video explores how a museum could exist in a virtual setting, taking cues from architectural imagery and our daily interactions with two-dimensional interfaces. A unique web experience is resituated inside the gallery, where transitions from room to room emulate the motions that one would […]

Recent Exploits of Flon Mask

Invented a space flight company that provides affordable rides to the moon and back for families. Descended from the cyclorama, SpaceY consists of a capsule in front of a screen with looped imagery of outer space cranked by hand by recent Stanford computer science graduates. Actually built a real rocket […]

The Socialization of ISIS using the “Five-Photos”

SHUYI YIN (M.E.D. ’18) On August 23, 2015, Reuters Damascus reported that Islamic State militants had blown up the Temple of Baalshamin. This destruction, wrote the news outlet, “would be the first time the insurgents, who control swathes of Syria and Iraq and captured Palmyra in May, damaged monumental Roman-era […]

The Aesthetic of Biomimicry

LIWEI WANG (M.ARCH I, ’19) Today, several practitioners are working with the aesthetic of biomimicry (that is, designs that reference biological structures or functions). By and large, this aesthetic can be attributed to a somewhat simplified if/then argument: if buildings, skins or envelopes look organic, then they will function organically […]

Editors’ Statement

  In the late 1950s, the art critic Mario Pedrosa stated that Brazilians were condemned to be modern.  His words referred to his country’s  seemingly irreversible drive toward the new. Pedrosa’s phrasing echoes that of Jean-Paul Sartre, who only years earlier stated that “Man is condemned to be free; because once […]