On The Ground

THE AXIS The shift of Axis happened before the 1930s. The Axis was forced underground. It is suspended in a state of equilibrium as one of the Wings and as the Axis. We can’t find it. All of the details are better left unsaid. We have to assume continuity. By […]

Local Area News: Division Street

ETHAN ZISSON (M.ARCH I ’19) Leading up to the spring semester of 2017, Yale School of Architecture and the Jim Vlock Building Project partnered with Columbus House, a non-profit organization in New Haven that seeks to end chronic homelessness. Their shared goal was to provide five houses over five years […]

The Alternative Science of Computation

MARIO CARPO (Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural Theory and History at the Bartlett, University College of London) “The Alternative Science of Computation” was originally published in e-flux Architecture, June 23, 2017 Science cannot get a decent break these days. Scientists around the world have even taken the unusual step of organizing […]

On Indoctrination

KYLE DUGDALE (Critic, Yale School of Architecture) Indoctrination. The very word seems to lend itself to being pronounced with a tone of contempt. It’s a pejorative, the naming of an act of pedagogical violence, an accusation of abuse at the hands of a conspiring regime. The victim is typically understood […]

Sinister Symbolism

MAIA SIMON (M.E.D. ’19) Completed in 2002, Kazakhstani artist Sergey Maslov’s installation Baikonur 2 explored an alternate mythology of Kazakh history. The project presented the Kazakh people as “the purest and most direct descendants of the aliens who landed from Sirius 2,000 years ago and inhabited the Earth to create […]

Jet Fuel Melts Steel Beams: An Architectural Conspiracy

JACK HANLY (M.E.D. ’19) Conspiracy theories take shape through architecture, or rather, their narratives stabilize and congeal through the built environment. The apparent conspirators, those persons enacting the plot, do so in real space. Plans must be hatched, organized, and emitted from sites of invention into various theaters of engagement. […]

Editors’ Statement

ETHAN ZISSON (M. Arch ’19), NICHOLAS MILLER (M. Arch ’19) and MATTHEW WAGSTAFFE (M. Arch ’19) How do we know what we know. Maybe it begins with a search for knowledge. Absence of meaning. Architects attempt to act from a position of knowledge. We are supposedly trained to have special […]