Editors’ Statement

Where boundaries and borders divide in hopes of peaceable separation, edges occupy the moment where things fall apart. As surface elements they are precipitous, as architectural enclosures cloistering, and as urban zones easily overlooked. To come face to face with the edge is to confront the limits of visibility and […]

Interview with Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen eschews categorization. As an artist, photographer, and geographer, he has completed projects documenting clandestine military black sites, the CIA’s extraordinary rendition programs, the NSA’s undersea cable networks, and surveillance satellites circling the globe. For his most recent exhibition, A Study of Invisible Images, he developed artificial intelligence programs […]

The Façade as Cultural Technique

Daniel A. Barber (MED ‘05) La façade n’est pas une surface, mais un dispositif à profondeur. Josep Quetglas[1]   Before the widespread availability of air conditioning, the façade was the primary technology of climate control. The sectional drawing of the façade was essential to the early viability of Modernism. The […]

Interview with Neyran Turan

Neyran Turan (MED ‘03), is an architect and the co-founder of NEMESTUDIO. Her work incorporates issues of form, representation, geography, and materiality, utilizing these frames to expand the architectural imagination. Maia Simon spoke with her via email.   P!: In the article, “How do Geographic Objects Perform,” you describe your […]

Architecture, Space and Logic

Dina Taha (MED ‘19)   “There is no intention here to descend into an intellectual fascination with madness, but rather to stress that madness articulates something that is often negated in order to preserve a fragile cultural or social order” – Bernard Tschumi   Why must the edge of architecture be […]

We Breathe Data

Jane Weng, MED ‘18                   Figure 1 Blue Marble, NASA Talking about the weather ought to be easy. Good or bad, sunny or rainy, cold or hot, pleasant or awful. It is the kind of conversation that leaves little room for debate […]

Memory, History, and Respect in Dixwell

By Jack Hanly and Maia Simon, MED ‘19   On October 25th, at Philip Johnson’s Glass House, architect (and our beloved dean) Deborah Berke spoke with artist Titus Kaphar about their ongoing collaboration that will result in an arts residency community in New Haven’s Dixwell neighborhood. Dixwell was once home […]

On the Ground

Contributors: KERRY GARIKES, MENGI LI (M.Arch I, ‘19), CAROLINE ACHEATEL, CHRISTIAN GOLDEN, JACQUELINE HALL, DAVID LANGDON, MEGHAN ROYSTER  (M.Arch I, ‘18), TIM ALTENHOF, ZACHARIAH MICHIELLI, SURRY SCHLABS (PhD)   OPEN HOUSE The Fall Open House created a flurry of activity on all floors of Rudolph. On the 2nd floor, joint […]