Dear Stephen King

MATTHEW WAGSTAFFE (M.Arch I, ’19) Dear Stephen King, Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Matthew Wagstaffe and I am a student at the Yale School of Architecture. Together with my colleagues Ethan Zisson and Nicholas Miller, I am editing an issue of our school’s student-run architecture publication Paprika!. […]

Haunted Houses

  Drawn by James Coleman, M.Arch I, ’18 October 26, 2017

Drafting of Hill House

Shirley Jackson was an American author credited by many, including Stephen King, to have written the best ghost story of the 20th century, The Haunting of Hill House. Jackson, often denigrated as “Virginia Werewolfe,” understood how to employ terror, as opposed to horror, in order to directly affect her readers. […]

Conversing with Ghosts

EEVA-LIISA PELKONEN (Associate Professor, Yale School of Architecture) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe begins his 1772 essay “On German Architecture” with an account of a failed attempt to find the grave of Erwin von Steinbach, the architect of the Strasbourg Cathedral, followed by the realization that the masterpiece was, in fact, […]

Fright Haven (Interview with Charles Rosenay)

Charles Rosenay is the proprietor/scare-master of Fright Haven, the largest indoor haunted house attraction in CT. P: How are you today? C: I barely have a voice but I’m doing great. It’s one of the drawbacks of being a scarer—your voice doesn’t get back to normal until around Wednesday. And […]

Ghost Hunter (Interview with Steve Gonsalves)

Steve Gonsalves is the lead investigator of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and is co-star and producer of the SyFy series “Ghost Hunters”. P: How did you get involved in the paranormal? Were you trained? S: When I was maybe 9 or 10 years old, I read a book on hauntings […]

Spirit Halloween (Interview with Dave B.)

Dave B. is the manager of the Spirit Halloween store in Ansonia, CT. He has been managing Spirit Halloween stores for four years. Electronic church bells chime ominously as Matt Wagstaffe begins the conversation… P: Let’s begin with some logistical questions: when do you start setting up the store? D: […]

Town & Monster

JACOB SCHAFFERT (M.Arch ‘19) In 2012 the Ontario suburb of Brampton—a rapidly growing, diverse community of Canadians living in a contrastingly homogenous housing stock—had a problem: a construction permit, for what the neighbors spitefully dubbed “the Brampton Monster,” had been granted for a 6,600 square foot house in a neighborhood […]

Witch House

NICHOLAS MILLER (M.Arch I, ‘19) Introducing H.P. Lovecraft Growing up in Providence with an interest in things obscure and daemonic, it was not long before I was introduced to H.P. Lovecraft. From Lovecraft, I arrived at other passions that have haunted me to this day, of which architecture is but […]

On The Ground

LI WEI WANG (M.Arch I, ‘19), JOLANDA DEVALLE (M.Arch II, ‘18) TIMON COVELLI, DAVID LANGDON, MEGHAN ROYSTER , FRANCESCA XAVIER (M.Arch I, ‘18). 10/12 Visiting professors EMRE AROLAT and GONCA PAŞOLAR joined students for dinner at Florian after their “Context and Pluralism” lecture. The Dean’s Council was also in attendance, […]