Editorial Statement

LANI BARRY (M.Arch I ’19) and JEFFREY LIU (M.Arch I ’19) “We’re not joking Just joking We are joking Just joking We’re not joking” – Das Racist, Hahahaha jk? The post-ironic describes an ambiguity of intention, simultaneously ironic and sincere. The above-cited statement by hip hop group Das Racist is […]

Heavy Metal: Choice or Fate

NICHOLAS MILLER (M.Arch I, ‘19) Ross “The Boss” Friedman began his career as the guitarist of seminal proto-punk band The Dictators with fellow Bronx-native Richard “Handsome Dick” Blum in 1973. “We wanted to be tough,” bass player Andrew Shernoff later commented, so Friedman and Blum adopted the names of Funicello […]

“Totally Post-Irony!”: Q&A with Michael Meredith

MICHAEL MEREDITH Michael Meredith is a co-principal of MOS Architects with Hilary Sample and is Assistant Professor at the Princeton University School of Architecture. The issue editors emailed Michael for a contribution on September 10, 2017, to which he replied: “We’re totally post-irony! Would love to contribute. Best, Michael.” Post-ironic […]

“The topic is a real stumper”: A Conversation with T+E+A+M

THOM MORAN and MEREDITH MILLER T+E+A+M is an architecture practice led by Thom Moran, Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, and Meredith Miller who are all Assistant Professors at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture. Their work centers on architecture’s physicality as an agent of cultural, environmental and urban production. […]

Believe it or Not!

MATTHEW WAGSTAFFE (M.Arch I, ‘19) Eye of the needle artwork by Hagop Sandaldjian, exhibited at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, http://www.mjt.org/exhibits/hagop/hagop1.html The patch of Venice Boulevard that cuts through downtown Culver City is an exercise in the nondescript. Strolling down this forgettable axis of urban sprawl you’ll pass by an […]

Fiction with Conviction: A Conversation with Mark Foster Gage

MARK FOSTER GAGE (Assistant Dean) Mark Foster Gage is the principal of Mark Foster Gage Architects and the Assistant Dean at YSoA. On September 21, 2017, the issue editors spoke with Mark on the 7th floor terrace at Rudolph Hall. The following is an abridged transcript of the conversation. P! […]

On The Ground

9/19 This week, the school received a package addressed to “DEBORAH STERN.” That’s a new one.   9/20 CAITLIN BAIADA (M.Arch I, ‘18), ALEJANDRO DURAN (M.Arch I, ‘19), and KATE FISHER (M.Arch I, ‘19) introduced this semester’s teaching partnership with Conte/West Hills Magnet School through EQUALITY IN DESIGN. YSoA students […]