A note on site context

JULIA MEDINA (BA ‘18) Site context is one of the first things we learn in architecture school. A building never exists in a vacuum, and the concern of designing architecture that speaks to its surroundings is always stressed by professors of architecture. I do not question the importance of site […]

An Excerpt and an Attempt at Insight

EMILY GOLDING (BA ‘18) “Apart from a few remarkable exceptions, architects have continued these past 20 years to ignore the epistemological transformations and the critical turn taking place in contemporary queer, transgender, and crip movements, and, indulged by the most dramatic amount of capital flowing between Dubai and Prada and the […]

White Paint on Old Stone

DIMA SROUJI (M.Arch I, ‘16) The content of the exhibition A Social Construction: Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine, a study of Zionist architects and their role in nation-building of the State of Israel, whether intentional or not, doesn’t relate to its title nor its description. “The story of architecture during […]

Diving into the Wreck

ROSALYNE SHIEH (Critic, Yale School of Architecture) Exclusion is a quiet violence; it is insidious because, by its own logic, it is hard to detect. Conversations around disciplinarity appear to cohere the relevance and singularity of architecture insofar as they operate by defining boundaries and drawing limits under the dual […]


PEGGY DEAMER (Professor, Yale School of Architecture) Form and the ability to manipulate it are the sine qua non of architectural production. If you don’t love form, you shouldn’t be an architect. Rudolf Wittkower’s Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism, which told of Palladio’s cosmic/humanist rationale for proportions, let […]

On The Ground

“Why does baseball have the audacity to refer to itself as a cathedral? Who would call it a near-religious experience?” noted JANET MARIE SMITH, the Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellow, ex-VP of Planning and Development of Baltimore’s adored Camden Yards, and current Sr. VP of Planning and Development […]

Letter from the Editors

ANNA ROSE CANZANO, EMILY HSEE, EMILY GOLDING, JULIA MEDINA (BA ’18) “Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.” —Prince The quality and strength of a foundation determines the overall durability of the structure built upon it—both in construction and in education. […]

An Appeal to Consciousness

ESTHER CHOI (PhD Candidate, Princeton University School of Architecture and Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities) Architectural education has suffered a great deal at the hands of irony. It has resulted in broad swaths of symptoms, each of which evince strains of cynicism: the use of abstract gradients to replace […]

Foundations for Contemporary Pluralism

DEBORAH BERKE (Dean, Yale School of Architecture) I studied architecture within the context of an art school. That environment helped shape my view of architecture in relation to other artistic disciplines. It honed my interest in materials and the process of making, and my appreciation of found spaces and overlooked […]

Cyborgian Urban Dreams

ABENA BONNA (M.Arch I ‘18) We are cyborgs. Our everyday lives revolve around the intersectionality of our identities, all of which are bound and hyper-realised through technology and the Internet. The wiring between our subjectivity and the infrastructure of our machines creates a “technological polis” of spatial permutations. The results: […]