Wood Stock: Crafting the Whitney Floors

AUSTIN SAILSBURY, Marketing Manager at The Hudson Company The Heart Pine planks that would become the new Whitney floors were sourced from the antique timbers of abandoned American industrial sites, including a Philip Morris factory in Louisville, Kentucky and a Maidenform Brands Factory in Bayonne, New Jersey. […] After being acquired from […]

Timeworn Stocks

NICHOLAS MILLER (M.Arch I, ‘19)   We often confuse stocks with the pillory. The pillory secure the neck and wrists, while stocks are for the ankles. Both originated in the 5th century and were located in public so the condemned were exposed to constant humiliation — an indication that these […]

Stock Citizenry

STOCK CITIZENRY   If the new language of images were used differently, it would, through its use, confer a new kind of power. Within it we could begin to define our experiences more precisely in areas where words are inadequate. Not only personal experience, but also the essential historical experience […]


JEONGYOON SONG (M.Arch I, 2018)   Though the specifics of each episode vary, the stories that Italo Calvino records in Marcovaldo are all variations on one theme. The protagonist—whom the book is named after—rejoices in the delicacy of mushrooms springing from a rainfall, waiting with excitement for the moment of […]

Stock: The Kind with Chickens

ALEXANDER BENJAMIN Alex is a data scientist and on the weekends he makes stock.   In restaurants the world over, when first light is breaking into the windows and as that first burner ignites on the stove, stock begins. It could be a succulent tonkatsu in Japan, filled with pork […]

Democratizing Stock

DIMITRI BRAND, M.Arch I, ‘18   Stock material is provided in predetermined profiles, from the basic: 2’’ by 6”, 1” by 1”, 4′ by 8′, to the more complex: angle, wide flange, threshold. The material is sold by predetermined lengths: 8’, 12′, 20′, with predetermined compositions: Pine, ASTM 36, OSB/3, […]

Taking Stock

KYLE DUGDALE Critic, Yale School of Architecture Kyle Dugdale was asked to comment on why he asks incoming Vis. I students to take stock of their convictions by writing an architectural manifesto, “a public declaration of principles, beliefs and objectives.” In 1921 Le Corbusier wrote that “a man who practises […]

On The Ground

On The Ground welcomes YSoA’s incoming students. In the spirit of feeding the school’s collective curiosity, we’ve solicited a few introductions.   Home is: Maryland; Sri Lanka; Henderson, Nevada; Beijing; Berkeley; Minneapolis; Shanghai; New Haven; Orange County; where the heart is; Tokyo; where the bed is; Ocean, NJ; NYC; Cincinnati; […]

Editorial Statement

In stock. Out of stock. Take stock, trade stock. What is stock? On one hand: a tangible, commonplace commodity (“The peanut butter is out of stock”). Yet simultaneously, a nebulous, highly potent economic system (“Billions lost as stocks crash”). Some stock is mutable: able to be inventoried and liable to […]