Notes from the Editors

SHUYI YIN (M.E.D 18′) JANE WENG (M.E.D 18′) Demarcation can be both conceptual and spatial. Conceptually, demarcation seems to be the first step of our action; it often happens unconsciously. We are trained to classify the world in a particular way, to give names to whichever object we see. We operate […]

Perspecta 53

CAROLINE ACHEATEL (MArhI 17′), PAUL LORENZ (MArhI 17′), PAUL RASMUSSEN (MArhI 17′), ALEXANDER STAGGE (MArhI 17′) On Thursday, April 13, Dean Berke announced, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Perspecta, the selected theme for Perspecta 53, titled “Onus”; developed by Caroline Acheatel, Paul Lorenz, Paul Rasmussen, and Alexander Stagge. […]

On the Theory of Space: Between Heidegger and Chinese Landscape Painting

ZIYUE LIU (M.ArchI 2018′) In November 2011, Wang Shu was invited as the Kenzo Tange Chair Lecturer to give a talk at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Titled ‘Geometry and Narrative of Natural Form’, the first half of the lecture was devoted to a lengthy discussion on the relationship […]

Book Review: Occupy all Streets

KASSANDRA LEIVA (M.archI 2019′) Hosting the Olympics is an incredibly complex circumstance, and the protest-filled Rio’s path to the 2016 Olympics is no exception. The convoluted socio-demographic, economic, and political landscape of Rio de Janeiro is meticulously parsed out in the book Occupy all streets: Olympic Urbanism and Contested Futures, […]

The Untouchable Trees in Eastern Tibet

THUPTEN WODZER (MF 2017′) The steep slopes of Eastern Tibet were once largely forested with conifers. However, over 50 years of unsustainable logging dramatically decreased forest cover from 30% to 6.5%. Deforestation changes local hydrology and creates climatic fluctuations that increase runoff into the rivers and exacerbate flooding downstream. Consequently, the […]


G LASTER (BA 2018′) and EMILY GOLDING (BA 2018′)   Welcome to the eg&g Test. It’s simple, like the Bob Stern Test (“Where’s the front door?”), but more important. Go ahead and open up your current project. Here’s the test: Does your proposed space subjugate transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) […]

On the Ground

Submit tips to On the Ground at   4/10 “… we encourage you to find a more appropriate outlet for your grievances.” Rudolph Open Commissioner Larkin McCann admonishes after accusations of “dropping the [birdie]” let loose on the school-wide listserv.   Commissioner McCann made good on his promises, and […]

Interview with Chadwick Oliver

Interviewer: SHUYI YIN (M.E.D 18′), JANE WENG (M.E.D 18′) Chadwick Oliver is the Pinchot Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and Director of Yale‘s Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry. His important early works in the book Forest Stand Dynamics which present the understanding of how forest stands develop and can […]

Interview with John Durham Peters

Interviewer: JANE WENG (M.E.D 18), SHUYI YIN (M.E.D 18) John Durham Peters is a writer, a media historian, a social theorist, and a professor in the Department of English and the Program in Film and Media Studies at Yale. He is also the author of various books and articles, including […]

Interview with Keller Easterling

Interviewer: JANE WENG (M.E.D 18′) Keller Easterling is an architect, writer, theorist and a professor at Yale School of Architecture Paprika: In your class globalization space last fall, we discussed spatial products and the infrastructural network that is overarching or suspended from nation-state borders. Nowadays a lot of people say […]