XXI Editors’ Letter

Sungwoo Choi, M.Arch ’17 Robert Hon, M.Arch ’17 Daniel Marty, M.Arch ’17 As architects, we use spatial agency as a tool to investigate various aspects of the environment. Our topic of interest is not limited to how the physical world is constructed, but can reach out to the political and […]

Open Letters Conference Follow Up

Zachariah Michielli This past Thursday, the editors of Open Letters, a student run bi-weekly publications at The Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, hosted their 50th issue release party in Cambridge. The event included an open forum discussion panel, editorial Pecha-Kucha sessions, and publication display mixer for editors of […]

Book Review: Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design, by Timothy Beatley

Misha Semenov Landscape architect Anne Spirn hits the nail on the head with her description of Timothy Beatley’s Handbook of Biophilic City Planning and Design as a “rich cornucopia of inspiring projects and practices.” More than anything, Beatley’s latest book on the integration of nature into cities is precisely this: […]

Interview with Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG)

What are some of the events and interests in your life that led up to BLDG BLOG? There are two separate tracks that came together. One was the appeal of having an outlet for writing that didn’t require me to go by way of a gatekeeper. The notion of having […]

Interview with Keller Easterling

Where does the interest in AVs come from right now? I have long been writing about Autonomous Vehicles. In the book “Organization Space,” there is a chapter about highways and the dream of omni-directional movement that is perfectly synchronized and dispatched. The dream has been persistent, and it is only […]

Interview with Jonathan Sun

  Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what you have been working on lately? My name is Jonathan Sun, a recent graduate from YSOA. My current research at MIT is on urban space, culture, and society through the lens of social media. I’m particularly interested in how communication […]

This Will Kill That: Silicon Valley’s Mission of Media Transcendence

R. John Williams The archdeacon gazed at the gigantic edifice for some time in silence, then extending his right hand, with a sigh, towards the printed book which lay open on the table, and his left towards Notre-Dame, and turning a sad glance from the book to the church—“Alas,” he […]