CAITLIN THISSEN, M.Arch ’16 EDWARD WANG, B.A. ’16 Opposing atmospheres, references, themes, symbols…The ambiguous nature of the work, the who, the when, the where, and the why, elude control, precision, resolution, and/or reduction.

On the Ground

Hey, you: Submit tips to On the Ground at 3/30 On Thursday the art historian Maria Gough packed an impressive body of research on Malevich into a lecture that was as prim as its title: “Architecture As Such.” Were the Moscow Mules at the reception a bland choice, or […]

Undigested Morsels – Interview with Joseph Heathcott

JOSEPH HEATHCOTT, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, The New School Urban studies is a very broad discipline. Can you describe the particularities of your research and interests? My own work these days has to do with how we relate to the architecture and urbanism around us, less so the spectacular edifices […]

Ken’s Body, Ken’s Choice

HANNAH NOVACK, M.Arch ’17 and PAUL RASMUSSEN, M.Arch ’17 What is more inherent: the body or the mind? Ken is a product of patriarchal capitalism, presented with the “perfect” body. His corrupting sexuality is purposefully obscured. Ken is a human without any overt genitalia. Ken presents as cisgendered, but is, […]

‘Against the Slope’ A review of Noah’s Ark: Essays on Architecture

ROBERT SMITH WATERS, M.Arch ’18 Noah’s Ark: Essays on Architecture is the most recent publication from Anyone Corporation’s Writing Architecture Series. Edited, translated and introduced by Anthony Vidler, Noah’s Ark is a collection of 13 essays by philosopher Hubert Damisch that span between 1963 and 2005. The subjects explored throughout […]

Quality Control – Interview with Nader Vossoughian

NADER VOSSOUGHIAN, Associate Professor of Architecture, New York Institute of Technology To start off, can you describe your current and ongoing research interests? And also your various relationships to architecture as a scholar and educator? I am a Germanist, philosopher, and architectural historian by training, and I have always been attracted […]

What will you build?

GENTLEY SMITH, M.Arch ’18 What will you build? Prisons, abortion clinics, barracks, worship-houses? Will you replace trees with a house, houses with a stadium? How about weapon facilities or parking lots? Is there a moral imperative to your work? Unlike doctors and lawyers, architects don’t always stick to well-defined ethical […]

Dark Invasions: A Report from Sweden

TODD REISZ, Daniel Rose (’51) Visiting Assistant Professor, Yale School of Architecture Like other exported Swedish crime dramas, “Jordskott” has its fair share of sublime morbidity. I haven’t finished the series, so I will betray here only a partial spoiler. Like other Swedish crime dramas, this one follows a sharp, socially […]

The Infrastructure of Angels

MARK FOSTER GAGE, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, Yale School of Architecture With perhaps a bit less drama than Alan Ginsburg I’ve seen the best architectural minds of my generation destroyed by a dedication to reasonable, factual, truthy data– the starving hysterical belief that architecture can only emerge from its study, […]

Staging a Disaster

JAMES COLEMAN, M.Arch ’18 “Bow or not? Call back or not? Recognize him or not?” our hero wondered in indescribable anguish, “or pretend that I am not myself, but somebody else strikingly like me, and look as though nothing were the matter. Simply not I, not I—and that’s all,” said […]

Between the Sacred and Profane – Interview with Karla Britton

KARLA BRITTON, Lecturer, Yale School of Architecture You are a scholar of modern and religious architecture, can you describe what draws you to these subjects? In keeping with your theme of “taboo” in Paprika, my current research addresses modern religious buildings in unfamiliar and “marginal” places. I have long been […]


CAITLIN BAIADA (M.Arch ’18) Due to its clear delineation from social reality, the mirror of fiction has historically allowed exploration of themes that prove too controversial when presented in everyday life. At the same time as Spinoza’s expulsion from Amsterdam’s Talmud Torah congregation due to his vocal denouncement of Judaism, […]