The Five Points of Paprika

Issue Editors: ZACHARIAH MICHIELLI (PhD ’21), PATRICK DOTY (MArch I ’18), PATRICK KONDZIOLA (MArch II ’17)   Design: Christine Zavesky (MFA ’18) 1)  Architects do not want to be arbitrary, which motivates them to seek out coherent design methodologies and intelligible inspiration. 2)  We are experiencing  a paradigm shift inspired by […]

Interview with Patrik Schumacher

In your lecture at the University of East London last year, you stated the reflective, explicit task of architecture is the spatial ordering of social processes. Would you say there is a deviation from this as a central trajectory of contemporary discourse today? Why despite recent advancement do we still […]

A Response by Peggy Deamer

Patrik Schumacher’s interview with Paprika has to be taken seriously.  Not only is he smartly and persuasively calling on architecture to analyze its role in a larger socio-economic context, but he alone amongst architects is willing to stake his claim on a particular analysis, a thoroughly courageous act. It is […]

Interview with Karsten Harries

For the sake of Paprika, could you provide a brief explanation of arbitrariness in architecture? In Complicity and Conviction William Hubbard writes that, “If there is one characteristic that links the diverse art movements of the modernist period, it is perhaps a hyperawareness of the fact that one’s personal sensibility […]

Interview with Karla Britton

Could you provide a brief definition of exactitude for the sake of Paprika? Exactitude is when the thought about a work and the work itself exist on the same continuum. It is when the lucidity of intention is united with a total clarity of construction. For Italo Calvino, Exactitude means […]

On the Ground

On The Ground is compiled from tips and suggestions received by the editorial staff, and does not represent the opinions of Paprika. Submit tips to On the Ground at   OTG would like to welcome everyone back from Spring Break. Entering the doors of Rudolph shortly after a trip […]

How Geology Can Ground Architecture

ALEX VELAISE (MArch I ’19) Surface geologists use cross-sections to study sub-surface geology. For them, the outcropped rock on the earth surface gives insight into what goes on beneath. Mapping signifiers from the outside-in generates visualizations of the earth’s internal qualities. I’m intrigued by the idea of an architecture whose […]