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JACQUELINE HALL (YSOA M.ARCH I / FES M.E.M. 2018) TESS MCNAMARA  (YSOA M.ARCH I / FES M.E.M. 2018) KATHERINE STEGE  (YSOA M.ARCH I / FES M.E.M. 2017)   Urban Yale: Finding New Ground for Collaborative Study   On June 14th 1969, Yale’s Department of City Planning went up in flames. […]

Three Conversations: Perspectives on the City Planning Department

ALEXANDRA THOMPSON (YSOA M.ARCH I 2018) MARGARET MARSH (YSOA M.ARCH I 2018) The City Planning Department at Yale offered a graduate degree until it was abruptly dissolved in 1969 following a period of tense student activism and strain with the university administration. Perspecta 29 has in-depth coverage of the department’s […]

Building A Different Kind of Wall

EMILY WIER (FES M.E.M. 2017) It used to be a bare wall, the color of a muddy river. Nondescript, it smelled like urine and stale beer. People would walk quickly by to go dancing in Plaza Foch, a district in Quito well known for its nightlife. Over two days in […]

Wudaokou Dialectic

MADISON SEMBLER (YSOA M.Arch I 2017) JEREMY LEONARD (YSOA M.Arch II 2017) GORDON SCHISSLER (YSOA M.Arch II 2017)   In the Wudaokou district of Beijing, two different worlds coexisted. In one world, the previously hidden public realm became increasingly visible, activated by vital bottom-up efforts which were then adopted by supportive […]

Site Visit

MAGGIE TSANG (YSOA M.Arch I 2017) If you bike thirty minutes east of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, past swathes of anonymous housing blocks, you’ll find the Dong Xuan outpost. Four nondescript warehouses sitting in a landscape of asphalt form this unassuming hub of international traders. Virtually indistinguishable from one another on the outside, […]

Baltimore Vignettes

WILL KLEIN (FES M.E.M. 2017) Will Klein spent his summer asking Baltimore residents where they enjoy spending time outdoors. This research was funded by the Hixon Center and the Jubitz Family Endowment. Finding refuge in and from the city: Jo1 discovered what would become her refuge by accident. While on the […]

#PROPOSITION: 240 Winthrop Ave

JACK LIPSON (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) JONATHAN MOLLOY (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) SAM ZEIF (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) “Yeah, it used to be a nursing home…my mom was staying there until it closed down eighteen years ago. I’m surprised Yale hasn’t bought it up already.” Just a few houses down the street from […]

Oak Street Historical Society


A Perspective on the Role of Planning in Education

Ryan Thomas (FES Research Associate) When people ask me what I do for work, I usually start my response by bobbing my head side-to-side, looking for the right words. I settle on something like, “I research urban environmental indicators.” Their eyes glaze over. That doesn’t fully capture the excitement I […]

Adaptive Financing

KATY MIXTER (SOM M.B.A./FES M.E.M. 2017) In today’s rapidly changing world, there are many challenges facing organizations that finance and reconstruct communities after a disaster. In our work, we ask: what do key players in this space have to learn from each other? How can design and innovation processes catalyze new […]


KEVIN DAHMS (FES M.E.Sc. 2018) As I am climbing into manholes and maneuvering bulky sampling equipment, I am often approached by the community members of Newhallville. Since June 2016, I have been working with Yale’s Urban Resources Initiative (URI) and Hixon Center for Urban Ecology to study seven bioswales in this […]

Planning And Democracy

JOHN EHRETT (YLS J.D. 2017) Yale University proudly—and justifiably—celebrates its history of training world leaders. This heritage, however, comes at a price: the University’s broad emphasis on national and global challenges often substitutes for engagement with the immediate realities of the modern built environment. Increasingly, the controversies that loom largest in […]

Habitat III and the Question of What it Means to be “Glocal”

LAURA M. HAMMETT (FES M.E.M. 2017) In mid-October 2016, over 40,000 urban leaders from all over the world gathered at the United Nations’ Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador. The conference, known as “Habitat III,” was the first conference of its kind in 20 years, and […]

No Es Facil (It’s Not Easy)

CATHRYN GARCIA MENOCAL (YSOA M.ARCH I 2017) Perhaps the most definitive stance on culture in post-revolutionary Cuba is a near-complete shift of all new cultural institutions outside of Havana city center and into Vedado. The 19th century neighborhood began as a residential suburb of Havana centro and is a strictly […]

Urbanization and Its Impact on Local Weather

TIRTHANKAR CHAKRABORTY, FES PhD Urbanization involves the replacement of natural surfaces with built-up structures. Dark urban surfaces have lower surface albedo, which increase the absorbed solar radiation. Moreover, the low vegetation cover in urban areas reduces the energy dissipated from the surface due to evaporative cooling. These two factors, among […]

‘Architecture As Story Telling’ At New Haven’s Cold Spring School

CAITLIN BAIADA, (YSOA M.Arch I 2018) What does it mean to think architecturally and how can we encourage authenticity? Young minds are unburdened, free to imagine realities far outside the realms of practical convention. It is safe to say that throughout the four week ‘Architecture as Storytelling’ course, there was […]

Toward a New Nostalgia

LUKE STUDEBAKER (YSOA M.Arch I 2019) 1. Before getting on with the revival, let’s first examine the death. As Rudolph Hall lore goes, the fiery demise of the Department of City Planning coincided with the real conflagration that ripped through the Art and Architecture Building on June 14th, 1969. In fact, […]

Crude by Rail: The Urban Risks of Fossil Fuel Transportation

KATIE MCCONNELL (FES M.E.Sc. 2017) The urban impacts of fossil fuel consumption—primarily, air pollution—are well documented. Yet a recent shift in oil transportation poses new environmental and human health threats to cities across the country. Less attention has been paid to an existing infrastructure that is quietly taking on more […]

On The Ground

Submit tips to On the Ground at otg.paprika@gmail.com   1/26 In his lecture on Thursday, David Erdman presented a colorful array of built work. Color, however, was not mentioned in the following Q&A, during which several audience members seemed to question whether the forms of the Louis I. Kahn Visiting […]